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How do you become a Fratmen?
Please email for casting.

What are pad cams?
Pad cams are stationary cams throughout the entire house. Most have audio except for bedrooms and bathrooms. These cams offer a voyeuristic experience that allow you to watch all the guys in house 24/7… even while the Fratpad schedule isn’t running.

A Pad cam is displaying a “stream not found” error.
Sometimes we will take a cam out of service for routine maintenance and other times there may be a problem with the cam that needs resolved. If you notice one of the Padcams is not displaying properly, please do not hesitate to contact support at to report the problem.

How often does the Fratpad cast change?
The cast changes randomly throughout the year. Each guy may stay a different amount of time based on his personal situation outside the pad or his performance inside the pad. Each case is different but generally we try to get new and returning faces back to the cast to continue to try and build the best cast camaraderie.

What time zone is the Fratpad schedule?
The Fratpad is located in Arizona and is on MST – Mountain Standard Time.

How do I contact customer support?
All Fratmen support questions can be answered at or

What goes into setting up a “Private”, and how does it even work?
Fratpad PRIVATES are a great way to get some 1-on-1 time with your favorite frats. For complete information on how Privates work, click HERE.

I don’t see anything happening on the cam.
The video on the Fratpad requires the latest version of the Flash player to play properly. You can download the latest Flash player by clicking HERE. There’s something going on at the Pad everyday of the week, you can check the Fratpad schedule for the next scheduled show. Currently, we have a midday break in the schedule from noon-4pm PT Monday through Friday during our slow hours. On the weekends, depending on cast availability, we will run shows constantly throughout the day starting at noon PT.

Why won’t he show me his cock?
Now we know that your time at the Pad is precious, but no one can jack-off 24-hours a day. The Fratmen are real people, and while they love to show their cock to you and they tend to do it often, they also do other stuff like eat, do laundry and talk with you about how much fun they had at the club last night. Be patient. That’s part of the fun of the Pad. You never know what you’re going to stumble into. If you’re in the mood for nakedness and the current performer isn’t, take a look at the archive. There’s lots or choose from there.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can go to the easy self-serve cancel page by clicking here.
Cancelling your membership only stops the automatic rebill at the end of your paid period. Your membership continues until it expires.

I’d really like to send a gift to my favorite Fratmen. Is that allowed and where can I send it?
The Fratmen LOVE to get gifts and members can send things to them with certain restrictions. Remember, some of our Fratmen are underage and therefore alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

You can send gifts to any of the Fratmen addressed to:

Pavlov’s Dog, LLC
7150 E. Camelback Suite 444
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
ATTN: Fratmen __________
Prohibited items:
Cash is not allowed to be sent to our frats. Gift cards are accepted and encouraged instead.
Alcoholic beverages
Knives/Razor blades (shaving accessories are permitted)
Use common sense. If it is illegal and/or dangerous, do not send it.

Make sure to label the gift inside with the Fratmen you want it to go to. You may include your contact information on the outside of the package, but any personal contact information on the inside of the package will be removed.


Where can I get the latest social media updates?
Feel free to follow us on twitter for all the latest updates.


Have a question about a topic you don’t see answered here? Use the comment section below and we will add new topics to this page as they become necessary.



This is Fucking awesome xD

Thank you, Zane/Anastasia/John: it is great to see the old Help Page information again, now “fleshed out” with new FAQs!

DAMN THAT LUCA- showing peen already! You know a flood of new membership will hit the pad anytime now. HAHAHA– Sterling, your ass is making me smile. Never put that away! haha. – Ridge looks sexy!

Not even joking, at first glance I thought that “Q” was a “G”.

ty for pics of FAQ
F = favorite A = Admired guys Q = tutti Quanty

Do you ever add new fratmen tv scenes? I have been a member for several months and not one new scene has been added that I am aware of. Love your guys but new material is appreciated. Please advise. Thanks.

Just want to know when the ‘be a brother’ button will be working? I emailed but did NOT receive a reply.

Howdy – no new content for past six months on fratmen nor fratmen sucks nor the other ones – (only on fratpad) . Please advise if you are going to put up new content.

Yes, the produced-video portions of the sites are all on hiatus at the moment as we have been focusing on our live sites, Fratpad and Frathouse. There is no ETA for when this will change, but hopefully the new year will bring new opportunities for us to get the other sites producing new content again.

Hey Frat peps!! whats happening with your archives on fratpad ?????? for a couple of weeks now I can’t watch them because they keep freezing up after a minute, an need to know what the problem is, i’m paying for all access but not getting the service an answer to this would be greatly appreacated p.s there is nothing whong with my internet connection already checked it out thanks David St John

Hey David, we experienced a server crash on December 9th and we are moving the entire 12 terabytes of videos onto a new server. Unfortunately, this timing coincided with holiday travel plans so we couldn’t get everything resolved before our trips. Everyone is back in town now and working to get everything restored back to normal. Thank you for your patience while we complete this task 😉

I joined as a ‘brother’. Now I cannot view any site. Is this a general problem or just me?
I have been using my Ipad for several months as an all access member. Help!

I am having the same problem. Why can’t I view the streams or any of the archives? I tried on my new iPad and iPhone. I have a full year membership

I am having the same problem. Why can’t I view the streams or any of the archives? I tried on my new iPad and iPhone. I have a full year membership.

Apparently, none of the archives have been updated since 1/21. Since I can’t attend live chats, archives are my primary content (and since I’m not in chats I don’t hear what’s going on). So, any news related to this?

Anders and others…For some reason Zane is resisting giving us uptodate written updates. I was in Zane’s show last night but the sound was choppy and answers dribbled out bit by bit around the horseplay with naked Benjy. No summary. As near as I could make out Z, Ana & HMJ are to meet about the archives Thurs.

No recent archives (or Daily foto essays), no outside activities (I suggested in chat that an outing to the local YMCA for nude swimming has been scheduled) and no new guys. And we have to endure this for two more months? Too much!

Z mentioned that now that the Super Bowl is over a bunch of houses tied up in short term rentals are now avail.

I think Zane mentioned Nico and Lance but again sound was choppy…

FM Enzo has apparently already recovered but the house is too small for him to come back now…all the guys have their own bedrooms

Hi Chaz, I didn’t know you were experiencing audio issues during last night’s show. The archives should be available at some point today. You should be able to see the thumbnails for the new archives and we are working on getting them to play properly right now. I mentioned that Lance asked me if he could do a farewell show and I said he could- he just has to let me know when… still waiting on his reply. I decided to not have Enzo back out right now- he literally came at the worst possible time during this transition phase of the Pad. We are still actively recruiting across the country, just holding out on bringing them to the Pad until we find the right house. Without the archives, it’s been difficult to update the daily without being able to grab images from recent Pad shows. Hope this clears things up a bit. -Zane

Hello Zane, It is wonderful today to see new Archive thumbnails, but the files don’t play yet. So close!! And a few shows are still missing, such as: Thurs 1/22 Buddies with Gage and Luca in the master tub, and Luca’s Thurs-Sat 1/22-23-24 shows. I believe these shows, plus the other late-January ones that do have thumbnails, would complete the Life of Luca at the Pad. (I like to dot I’s, cross T’s, and view all of a Performer’s shows.) Do you and Anastasia know yet if all of these archives will be available, or are some lost/damaged from choppy feeds, etc? Thank you, Zane and Anastasia, for all the good work you do. -Rally

As it stands now, it appears that some files were lost and that’s why you aren’t seeing those thumbnails. We are currently working on manually moving the new files so that the ones with the thumbnails will play on the new server. Should be very soon 😉

For the fratmen live archives do you know if there are any of fratmen Bailey in there? Especially where he shows his hole?


Can i still subscribe to Fratmen Sucks and get all the old videos? Or are they all gone?

The FratmenSucks videos are still available but currently, there are no plans in place to resume production on that site. However, our last LIVEduo between Maddox and Micky was a huge success so we are looking at planning another LIVEduo here at the Fratpad in the near future 😉 Stay tuned…

you skipped my question bro from 2 weeks ago, “For the fratmen live archives do you know if there are any of fratmen Bailey in there?” This would influence my decision to renew my membership

Whoops, sorry about that. I don’t current see Fratmen Bailey on the list of available archive, but I do believe that more are going to be added soon. I’ll post here on theDaily with the new names as they are added 😉

IT will be great if the LIVEduo of the past and future, especially those with Dean or Diego, can be compiled and bought with membership or any special access!!

To Admin I have a prob.. with getting billed twice for membership, I haven’t noticed before now… CCBILL.Com Pavlov’s 888-59692 – $63.08 is coming out of my Sence Everyday Account an CCBILL.Com Pavlov’s 888-5969279 AZ US – $47.65 is coming out of my Visa as well , can u please let me know whats going on so I can decide weather or not I will continue to support ur site cause its a little unfair if I being charge double amount for single membership please reply as soon as possible CHEERS Arkboi……

David, I do see two different subscriptions to Fratmen Allaccess from two different email addresses for you. I would like to get this resolved first thing tomorrow morning, but I will need to communicate with you from our email so that none of your personal information is shared here on this forum. Please email me at your earliest convenience from the email address that you would like to use (I am showing 2 on file for you) -Thanks, Fratmen Zane

hey Frat Peps…. still getting charged for 2 memberships, my e-mail arkboi@hotmail is no longer active….. an i’m still getting charged for that membership can I cancel that membership please asap ,, I spoke to you all about this in Feb 2015 but nothing has been done about this yet….. an get a refund for the months I have been ripped off…. David St John

Hi Fratman Zane i’m glad you found the problem but I still don’t know how that happened anyway use this email the other one is no longer an hasn’t been for a fair while ……… David

The problem with keeping the ‘arkboi70’ account is that there is a number of transaction conversion issues on CCbill with ‘arkboi70’ that is showing no transactions in two years which is very odd. We have CCbill looking into the issue with that account and I will let you know what they find. I do you want you to know that you were never double-billed, meaning billed twice in error, but there were actually 2 different accounts created with two different email addresses with two different usernames and passwords. I’m confident that we can get this resolved for you today, I’m just waiting to hear back from CCbill about the ‘arkboi70’ account. Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. -FratmenZane

I keep on getting this message and how do I download?

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e4d’

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Cannot open database “FratmenSUCKS” requested by the login. The login failed.
/_NEW/_members/fratmensucks/home-show.asp, line 20

Any new scene onto soon?

Fratmen video downloads not working. They download quickly and are coming across as .mp4 But I cannot get them to play using VLC, Windows Media Player or the Windows Video App on W 8.1 Never had trouble using the old site. Any suggestions?

download option doesn’t work….
ADODB.Recordset error ‘800a0bb9’

Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.

/_members/fratmensucks/download.asp, line 107

To David & Dino, we have identified an error in the script that is causing the downloads to not playback properly. We have temporarily removed the download option while we repair the issue. If you have purchased some videos that are not playing and would like a refund, please email Anastasia,

If I schedule a private chat is it a one shot deal or does it get recorded where I can replay/watch it again somewhere on the site afterwords?

They have always been recorded but are not currently able to be replayed. It is something we would like to offer in the future.

Hey there. I purchased the Maddox and Mickey Private show – and it refuses to play on either Safair (which I use all the time) or Firefox.

This is what comes up –

Microsoft VBScript compilation error ‘800a0411’

Please help

We definitely need to get some golden oldies back up on the archive. Kent (“Superman”) PLEASE!

How can I just purchase Nico’s fratmen sucks video?

hey Frat peps…. still getting charged for 2 memberships my E-mail (( arkboi@hotmail )) is no longer active but i’m still getting charged for it,, nothing has been done about this since I spoke about this in Feb 2015 can you cancel this membership please an refund me for this mistake for the months you have been charging me on my credit card David St John

Hello Admins, can you guys help me find the video of Knox being rimmed in the bathtub? I think my membership covers it, not sure.


Bernice Jenkins

I am not able to sign up for a fratpad account. Why is this? After submitting my info it times out and then just takes me back to the signup page. Also if i sign up for the free account for fratpad, i can get tokens and tip them correct?

I’ll look in this for you. Are you signing up with the same email address you used to comment here?

For some reason since the design change, my free account is unable to watch the live shows as before. It sends me into a log in loop. Help?

yes, free members do not have the same access since the redesign and you will need to upgrade to a paid account to view the live shows.

i have the same problem that i can’t sign up for the fratpad the past few days and i can’t log in the chat room .

I posted a comment in other threads but so far I’ve had no response. I can’t purchase any of the videos from the (Fratpad) archives page. It seems I can purchase archives from the home page, but not all archives are listed here and I am primarily interested in recent Fratpad archives. Any suggestions?

I haven’t been able to either. I didn’t give it much thought but then I saw others having the same issue. I do have a free account but didn’t know if I need to upgrade.

yes, free members do not have the same access since the redesign and you will need to upgrade to a paid account to view the live shows.

Are you using the search bar to select each model you wish to purchase from the home page?

Admin: Does this mean that free members cannot purchase archives from the Fratpad archives page? The issue is, I have tried searching on the main (Fratmen) page, but a search for ‘buddies’ returns no results. If in this example you search for Knox, the results only go up to an archive dated 5/28. If free members cannot purchase archives from the Fratpad archives page, then might I suggest linking to a message to that effect? Because currently it just looks broken to the user.

Hi, I am able to watch neither live nor the archival videos on Fratpad for last couple of days. After the initial log in, every time I click on an archive video or the live video link it takes me back to the log in page and this keeps on happening in a loop. I am not getting any user id/password error message, it just keeps going back to the log in page. I have emailed to your customer support but the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.
My membership is on the same email address as mentioned here.

I do not see a current paid subscription to Fratpad with your email address. Since the new redesign, the free members do not have the same access to view the live shows as they did before. If you do have an active subscription with a different email address, please email us at to get this resolved for you.

Well it’s resolved now, apparently your team had to contact CCbill to get my membership verified, it’s funny as my card got charged just day before yesterday for the monthly recurring subscription price.

is possible to download old videos? or is just stream them?

You can rent or download videos without a subscription.

Zane, I took a break from watching Trent’s archives…they had gone all the way back to the beginning 07/04/2010 to Present…now I can’t get it to go past August of 2013……Did some of his archives get taken down? I was up to about 12/29/2010 with his archives…will I never have the chance to see the ones I missed? Maybe I’m just not doing something right. I am a paid member. Thanks, Todd

I can’t view any of the feeds on my apple devices. I used puffin for a while but now it doesn’t work.

Is there a way to download the pictures of each model. I tried “save picture as” and got poor results. Please advise if there is a way to download the pictures that accompany each model page. Thanks

can’t access fratpad? takes me straight to the archives how do i fix ti

Alex, Do you see a solid blue square in the upper right corner of your screen? If so, click on that to get to the Fratpad page. If not, are you on a mobile device? HMJ is working on making it compatible with mobile devices. Good luck!

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