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The guys are doing great work & Maddox has hit his stride as a Fratmen!

Zane didn’t post the pics Dorman took showing they during their JO they were actually getting off to Nico’s putting together his new desk naked–on a separate cam at the same time!

[Zane: Often this software requires 2 digit answers but there’s only 1 space allowed so I have refresh & hope it gives me a 1 digit Q]

WOW some very sexy and hot pictures of Vinnie and Maddox. Man, hope these two hook up into a duo if possible. It seems they really enjoy themselves just saying. Thanks guys Husker

P.S I am waiting for some hot pics of Kipper and Schmitt together Definitely a lot of hot eye candy with the cast Trent, Kipper, Vinnie, Maddox, Nico, Terry WOW

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