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Terry and Nico get wet over at Fratmen Sucks!

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This one started out well & ended up being a throw-away. Zane’s quirky editing kept it from being a total loss. Nico has to stop looking like he has a gun trained on him while he’s doing the BJ’s & actually look like he’s enjoying himself.

He is getting better- at least he’s moving in the right direction. I think in time he will get the hang of it 😉 -Zane

Nico has come a long way just since I joined 3-21-13. He was first very self-conscious, but along the way he has become able to tease the membership easily. I’m surprised everyday by him. As far as FratmenSucks! is concerned many have performance issues with sucking cock. I think they forget they are ACTING, and don’t have to like it to do it well on camera. After all, every guy knows how he would like his dick sucked. All you have to do is what you would want. He’ll get there, he’s come a long way.

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