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Micky and Jonah get Private!

Fratmen Jonah reunites with Fratmen Micky but this time it’s private time!

Jonah and Micky join together to perform a 1 on 1 and live out a viewers fantasy. Peek in and take a look at how naughty these boys get when at the mercy of a members wishes!











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Just kinky enough to not be offensive! These guys are pros & work well with each other. They give a guaranteed hot show.

Hotter Jonah’s duo; so willing to please a customer and Micky so lucky (look at is face in the last picture).

These two are so scorching hot together. They both seemed to enjoy themselves, and Mickey couldn’t seem to get enough of Jonah’s magnificent ass. But who can blame him.

I stumbled on the LifeCycle videos when they first started and looked up Fratmen for the first time after watching the first video. I ran across a few shorts of Jonah and different ”friends” and fell in love with the man’s naked body. WOW. Of course all the men are hot especially these two together. Cold shower time.

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