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Original post August 3, 2013


Tribute Video to Fratmen Everett

I lost my dad about a year ago. He was 92 years old. His passing was a blessing for both my Mom and I, we spent his last two weeks by his side. We held his hand and told him that we loved him. We washed his face with soft warm clothes. We made sure that he was comfortable and that nothing was left unsaid.

The problem with losing someone so suddenly, especially when they are young, is that if there is any unfinished business, it will likely never be resolved. The performer who portrayed Fratmen Everett was an amazingly sweet young man, and we are blessed to have the video evidence that proves that. I only wish I’d had the chance to tell him.  – HMJohn

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Such a sweet tribute. I’m sure every member who met him immediately loved him. Such a lovely person who should have been around so much longer to shed his light on this sad world.

unacceptable loss. we can’t understand that. Remembering what we exchange in chat and tweet, only hope he found peace , love him as a friend

This guy is unforgetable, & I don’t want to forget him, he gave me so much 🙂 He’ll be my friend forever, love you Josh, have a nice rest XOXO

Ev1l you replied to the wrong message!

I disagree. I think that just taking a moment and reflect on a person that is no longer with is is a good thing. What he did was not a sin, he provided for his family. I have done alot of things I am not proud of in the past, and no doubt so did fm everett. His tenure at the fratpad shouldn’t be one of shame.

who are you?

I understand what Evil is saying about the video made at the time of Josh’s memorial service. However, I don’t think his family would consider it a violation of their privacy. It was made for people to celebrate their son and brother. We encountered him at the Pad. He proposed at the Pad. It was a chapter of his life where he was surprised to make new friends, and I think his family would be happy to share this with all of his friends from every chapter of his life..

Donny, maybe you’re right but I do believe it is up to his family to make that decision and nobody else.

TOIL, I think they did. This video was posted on the Internet for anyone mourning his loss. It really wasn’t intended to be private. It was made for everyone missing him. It’s not a private celebration of Josh. It’s a proud synopsis of the joy he brought to the world, for all to see. In my opinion. And I think he would want us to see it.

I don’t see the Pad as “jerking off for money”. Uniquely, it’s 5% of what they do, but some (Evil) call them prostitutes. I see them differently, I would hope his family is not shamed. Josh made an adult choice.

A beautiful man

he was soo sweet.. we will never forget him..

A year ago was a sort of season of tragedy, with the shattering deaths of two beautiful young men, and I do not mean ‘beautiful’ only in the physical sense. A year later, it’s no less tragic, but at least it’s easier to smile at the memories. I would bet money that Josh’s baby girl has the same twinkle in her eyes that he did, and I hope her mama sees Josh when she looks into them.

This was a truly touching video tribute to an amazing and sweet young man, who I’m thankful to have had an opportunity to know, if only for a brief time. Thank you for posting it.

As we get older, the loss of family ,friends and people we know happens more and more frequently. Loss is one of the most helpless feelings. Not so surprisingly, it effects us almost as strongly as the feeling of love. It can be overpowering. The only difference is with loss ,you have the memories of the love. You need to make a choice, lose your self in loss or celebrate the love.

When I think of people I have lost in my life, I choose to remember why I loved them , not how or why there gone. Some of the happiest memories I have are of people I have lost.

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