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Nearly 20,000 Videos, Including Many Never-Before-Seen, Now Available for Rent or Purchase

That’s right! After 2 years in the making, the ENTIRE Fratmen library (almost 20,000!) is now available for rent or purchase. There are new featured videos each hour and if you jacked-off to one video every day, you wouldn’t see all of them until 2065! There’s a new site design and layout that makes it incredibly easy to find all of your favorite Fratmen! Come see what we’ve been working on at!


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lol, am a great amator of that, maybe,for some guys who I know only for reputation. If possible, it would be nice to have an search engine par name of guys. Thank, for that if you can do it

Thank you so much. I cannot even begin to thank you for providing this for us. Now are you going to FINALLY put out the Jayden/Jackson FRATMEN Suck or PPV video….that would be quite a great one. You guys are awesome! Thanks again. I hope there are some “new” to us FRATMEN SUCKS and PPV videos. You are making my day guys.

When are you guys gonna return the missing archives like pj’s for instance why was that disposed off?

All of PJ’s archives can be found here >>

Or treys ?

Help! I Can’t Upgrade to AllAccess ($29) from the $19 membership–website tells me to call the 800# or email.

Alas the 800# listing is in letters not numbers (or bpth/and) & I cannot make out the leters on my phone. I can’t believe not listing the numbers for guys like me still happens on the web!

Course 1 benefit of this problem (again for guys like me) is that spur of the moment porn purchases are curtaled.

PS: I have noticed an improvement reading The Daily on my Ipad…I can now pinch to enlarge the text. I’m positive this was not possible before, Kudos–I can now read without strain! Wish my land line phone was similarly enlargeable…so I coud have dialed
1-800-FRATMEN in the 1st place.

Course no hours are listed for the 800#…I expect to get a voice mail if I ever do get thru.

[I emailed t after Zane’s hostmaster show last night].

Do we finally get to purchase the Ricky/Dean PPV?

Jason, Zane on his show last night & here in This Daily thread gave us the secret to finding Fratmen like Ricky.

Use this PJ URL as a base…delete PJ & add Ricky.

Here is the Ricky=Dean Duo

Thanks! But I was actually referring to the PPV teacher teacher, not the update


I have an Allaccess membership – how can I watch the fratmentv, or sucks vids?
I can see the archives but all the other clips are only giving me the option of renting or buying.


Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?


…Guess not.

Zane, I’m an Allaccess member and accidentally purchased 2 PPV videos. I’m wondering if I could get credited the amount of the two ($9.90). I wasn’t aware I got to view these videos free with my membership and that the lower membership was the one who had to pay. My mistake!

Thanks, Brian! We took care of that refund for you today 😉 -Zane

Send a message to explaining your problem. Worked perfectly for me!

“Search Function” YEAH !!!!!!!!! I may never leave my room now 😮

Being that there appears to be a limitation when searching a FM name. If one FM name is part of another and you then ask for More of a FM your limited results may include a different FM, such as Mick/Micky, Van/Vance, Vince/Vincent, Wes/Wesley ……..

😮 Today my Fratpad homepage started off with a Vinecnt archive. Not unusual except it had a segment of Vincent giving a full body massage to a very beautiful, fully naked woman. In watching the video Darth Jr. had a reaction. Confusing I know, but he did. Being that I am not a fan of Vincents. I will now have to go through consoling again. 🙁

This may seem out there but, would it be possible to search by “Date” . Sounds weird I know but, As a long time member I often am searching for archives by date or a span of a week or so. If you could pick a “date” or a “Week beginning”and get results for all available content for time for all performers. Presently if I find a show say by ………. ENZO 😮 and I want to see what another Fratmen on cam was doing at the same time or get a different angle of the show. It is next to impossible to track down, even in the Pad archive section which doesn’t always include the same content reachable thru the new FMTV interface.

some ppv are not available : those with dmitry or alan/diego for example…

Trying to search the 20000 videos, but dont know where to start/do this. Where the righ link. Note I get a This webpage is not available

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when I click the part where you mention the 20000 videos

sHello, i didn’t get a reply…i meant the web links in some of the items above don’t work. Spefically the small pictures of all the videos. click on that dns error…not sure where what is supposed do?

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