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Knox is Becoming Quite the Fratmen!

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Full Video Available in the Fratpad Archives

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Knox is honestly a great guy, and so soon he has made that impression upon most members. He’s sincere, polite, slightly nuts, positive, aware of the fact that he is an entertainer and therefore…has to entertain. He is always on time, with a smile, and caters to as many different members as he can when live on cam, without being fake or douchey. He doesn’t turn up disheveled and unwashed, complaining about his day/headache/life or talking only about himself.

Knox is interested in his viewers and trying new things, and has the creativity to improvise on the spot and involve in new topics/activities. He’s no-drama, smart, talented, and always a pleasure to hang out with. And I don’t even want to fuck him! WTF?

Definitely a much needed breath of fresh air to the pad, and living proof that for the most part (except for maybe Nico who is THEBOMB.COM, ya’heard?) only brand new hires should be made, and no more re-hiring tired, unreliable, entitled ex-models who aren’t in their prime any more anyway. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he sticks around at the pad for a long fatherfucking time.

Now, I have to insert some evil into this message so: FUCK CUNT SLUT WHORE TWATMUCH DICKSPIT.

Thankyou and goodnight.

One of the BEST of the BEST and he’s been here (how Long?) wow.. a Pro at what he does in entertainment, acknowledging members, respecting what he does, Talented on so many levels, keeps a management time frame, Polite, Honest, A beast in the gym and very sexy from head to toe. I truly love supporting and tipping this guy- he has proven to so many people he’s a fratmen. Bravo Admins for grabbing this guy and sending his ass our way ! ( oh and a Plus- this boyeee is Army !!!!! ) Hoooorah !! — we love ya Knox.. keep it real brutha-man!

I endorse EvilOne & Thumper’s comments. Knox is the best thing that’s happened to the Pad in ages (well, anyway, acknowledging and agreeing with EvilOne’s opinion, since my beloved Nico.)

I was so much disappointed by some guys, I don’t want to be too much attached to Knox!
I just want to enjoy the moments I’m with him, too short, & yes he’s wonderful, great entertainer!

the best thing zan did to the pad is giving us KNOX , and KNOX brought back the magic we love about the fratpad .

knox!!..this was one of the best cam shows u have the dif gifts..especially the lether!!..and a million tks for modeling the red white and blue tank top..hat..and the diesel undies i sent u..after ur really made my day at the gym!!!

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