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wow..those were the days…a few of the guys from the beginning!!!!….would love to see a few of them come back for a very special reunion!!!!

Wow! Payton must be pretty special to be #56 and #6 on the list. (I miss that guy)

Happy New Year, TG. I hope you are doing well. Miss seeing you in Chat- we must visit different shows. “Numero Uno, TG!”

Not a bad list. Although it looks like Payton and Nash got put on it twice. Also a bit surprised that Rory didn’t make it in at all. But overall pretty good ranking

lol…. yes, due to the fans *favorites and *retweeting, a few were bumped up on the list, gaining a spot in the top 25-

weird FartmenZane didn’t make it. Must be a rules thing like the lottery 😮

What? No Benji anywhere? Is this the apocalypse?

I agree with Dj really would like to see some of our fav fratmen return.

I’m shocked that guys like Max, Jonah, and Jayden didn’t make the top 10. Although now that I think of it, there *might* be a reason…
I really, truly believe that Everett should have been very high up as well. That young man was such a sweetheart (may he rest in peace).

This would not have been the order in which I would have ranked them, but I understand that tastes do differ. Just shocked that Collin and his brother Burke, nor Dallas, did not even make the top 100 and I would have put them into my top 5

I have a hunch it’s going to get personal when they make the FratPad list. Let’s try to remember that our personal favorites are all that matters, and we all know FratmenGene was clearly the best.

I totally agree with Donny. The contest was over before it started, FratmenTheo already won!

I think that when none of the current fratmen are on the top 25 list that it is time to get some new fratmen into the fratpad

It time for some new meat!!! its getting kinda dull at the pad.

how ’bout fixing the padcams? none of them are working now!

as of now, nothing is working, padcams or live camshows. i guess management doesn’t really give a shit.

You are right, Aging Hipster… I worked a 14 hour day on Sunday to resolve these issues but we don’t give a shit, right???

Ana…the padcams only work through your link but not from my member page

ALL the padcams work for me from both links. The Lives have all been working too 😀 😀

At least for now, it looks like you have to access the Pad cams through the “Padcam” link on the Fratpad page (not the “Frathouse” links. I hope this helps. 🙂

I finally figured that out but thanks jeffers

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