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Luca’s Twitter Account Is Back Up and Running now; Spam Bots!

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lol @ “you will need to change your behavior”

as that old gospel song go…..OH …HAPPY….DAY!!!!!!!…….love you luca, hope to see you on sunday!!!!!

Thanks Zane and Ana! I miss Luca so much! I’m so happy that he will be back on the schedule soon! 🙂

I don’t believe Luca did something – I think TW is at fault totally! Glad ur account is back and u are too.

For Sure Luca did nothing wrong. Remember that Management uses all the fratmen’s twitters to broadcast messages and notifications when someone is coming on or there is a special event, so I think that is where the spamming came from. When a fratmen is getting on cam there are like six different twitters letting us know.

Roger, we actually do not use their Twitter accounts. Maybe in the past…but not in the past 7 months. They often re-tweet themselves what the @FRATPAD account is posting 🙂 simply because we all have different followers. Hope this help 🙂

My message here is simple and to the point.. THUMPS loves Luca

Sorry Anastasiay: Just going on the statements of the Fratmen that management had taken back their twitter accounts and their work phones.

Since there isn’t a thread on Luca’s return, I’ll post this here… I’m so happy that Luca is back! Missed him so much! His return was obviously THE big event at the Pad Sunday night, as it had the highest numbers in chat, so I’m surprised there wasn’t a post on it, but regardless… Welcome back Luca! 🙂

Depressing without Luca. He’s got charisma like nobody else

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