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Posing at the Pier!


















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Love the pics!! Great job Zane!!! Looks awesome!!!!

Zane, I want your job!

WOW… Every photo could be thrown in to make one HELL OF A CALENDER.

I’m sure I am not the only one to have done so, or the first ever, but I’ve been suggesting an FM calender for a while now. And coffee table book. And other merch.

All the guys look incredible! Great job, Zane! My favorite pic is the pensive Maddy pose as he gazes off to his left at, what I can only assume, is Zane in a skin tight crotchless leopard print unitard, hot pink boa, tiara and 6″ rhinestone studded stilettos.

Beautiful set of pics of beautiful men!

Jeffers i do see what your dishing down on a plate.. Maddddddddddy’s close up brings the reason why Maddy is so loved… the other pic i love is LUCA under the pier… the photo captures the beauty we members adore … hell, they are all great photos.

Thumper, right? That pic (and pretty much all the others of him) is (are) a great example(s) of why Maddy is beloved by millions (soon to be billions)! 🙂 The camera loves that guy almost as much as we do 🙂 Also, I agree, that is an amazing shot of Luca! Benji and Sterling look beyond great too!

I would like to express my admiration for photos at the pier of LA.
Maybe because I still be a free member my opinion does not have much importance. However give it to anyway.
The boys are beautiful and the photographer was very happy in the choice of rental and time. The light is perfect. Especially in the photo where they are Maddox and Sterling. Here the light strikes and appreciates expecial the torso and the faces of the two models.
Congratulations for the initiative, to the guys and the photographer

Of course your opinion still counts 😉 The lighting and the number of spectators were certainly challenging but I think we improvised pretty well 😉 The guys even had girls coming up to them to get their pictures taken with them! -Zane

Thanks, Zane.
I still repeat that your pictures are fantastic. I am an amateur photographer. For me, knowing how to use and manipulate the Litgh is the greatest virtue of a photographer. Even with this beautiful guys. Expecialy Maddox who seems to be born for a camera., There must be a competent look at the other side of the lens. Thank you again. And good luck with your activities in the house

Zane, one more thing I would like to commend the work.
You were very skilled in the way that boys placed first photo where all appear standing.
You could use the perspective in such a way that Benji, even with short stature who has not before others is small and so is the same as it really is.
I am passionate about photography and when I see someone getting these results do not hold back on praise.

great job zane…I think all the guys look like professional models..and silver aka sterliing….damn!!!

Bold whether ur a free member or not,you have a right to express your opinion like anyone else. And may i also add, you expressed it very well!

Thanks a lot BT .Here is a place of fun and unleash our imaginations. And a good job like this Zane has to be exalted.

Dj Bass, BT will not understand anything. I wanted to respond to you in a mess but just thanking and directed my answer to him. Anyway, thank you

Wow, these photos could be titled “Baywatch: Fratpad Style”!!! I love it! Another great set of photos Zane! Thanks for posting! As everyone knows, I adore Benji and Luca, but Maddy and Sterling also look great in these photos. Congrats guys! I’m glad you had a great trip. 🙂

Unholy fucking shit. Sterling/Beastmode is the most handsome ape I have ever fucking seen…in the ast 48 hours or so! For serious, he looks like a gigantic fuck-warrior here. The pictures of he and Maddox together are insanely good. I will stop there in case somebody a) comments in “morning chat” about not liking my “schtick”, b) accuses me of bullying, again. But seriously, some fucking hot pics here!

Bold, not all free members are disliked, just the ones who come in and repeat the same demands over and over, for 2 hours.

Best move on and enjoy the good things that come our way.
Such as the fantastic photos of Zane.
The power to enchant the Maddox has that going beyond their physical beauty.
The rest is very small compared to this
I agree with you in relation to Sterling. It apparently will hobble a large presence in the house.
But Maddox, hummmm, captivated me

WHY ISN’T ZANE in the photos? Zane.. there has to be one or 2 or maybe 3 pics from California with you in it??? Share buddy! 🙂 When last counted — we didn’t have 4.. but 5 in the Zane Train to L.A.

Wow! Thanks for all of the great comments, guys! For such a short, impromptu/ill-prepared shoot, I’m glad that you guys like what I was able to get! Of course, I did have some mighty-fine specimens to photograph… so that helped a lot! -Zane

Translation – Thanks for the compliments about the photographs. I want to fuck everyone I took pictures of.


my god that sterling is a big dude. You couldn’t find someone cuter then benji and luca. Great pictures

My question is…. Why does Luca and Benji look just as tall as me in one of the pics

“It’s just an Illusion”! you’re Handsome Maddy X♥X♥

Haha! The real shocker is that it’s not the pic where you’re sitting down 🙂 Maybe they borrowed Zane’s rhinestone stilettos… 🙂

thumbs up Benji

Benj is hard on himself saying he can’t model. Maybe he is mostly right BUT in any case, his posing in this pic is definitely a step in the right direction, no? –

Evil, I think this was a pic it was instructing him to pose like 🙂

Well nobody can take away the fact that you are the best poser in the current cast, Maddox.


yeah i agree toil, benji did a great job. Luca has serious fuck me eyes. And you could show a fuckn movie on sterlings back its fuckn huge.!!

HD ones would make great desktop backgrounds !

maddox and sterling are a pair of real humdingers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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