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Candid Shots of the Guys at the Original Muscle Beach!













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Hope you guys had a great time!!..sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat w/u all while on the road. Fantabulous pics..I’m sure you turned a lot of heads!.luca & silver!! you guys!!!!

wow, alot of great pics Lucas pics are superb, (wow, the handle bars). sterling as never looked better. Benjys shirtless pics is my fave so far.

NOW that’s what i call CALIFORNIA weather… WOW … sexy frats in my neck of the woods!

Wonderful pics!

In olden days (lol) ads on the backs of comic books would have ‘before’ pics of a wimp at the beach getting sand in kicked his face.

Tired of this he says ‘Charles Atlas says he can make a man on me. I think I’ll order his free book.’

Some 20 of these ads pop up if you put “comic ads kicking sand in face at beach” into Google (& choose images)

My first thought when I saw this on the Daily: was of these comic strips: Were they kicking sand in faces in turn? (Recall Sterling’s statement that he was skinny til about 3 years ago. Pledge (gay-) Benjy before he bulked up. Or Rico or Nico….

Back in 2000 I was using a walker in NYC (long story). I’d sit in the sun in a small concrete park on W 57th St (this was before the beautiful Hudson River Parks were done).

I called it; ‘Cripple Beach.’


Next we see the ‘after’ pics of a gal admiring his muscles: “Oh Joe! You are a He Man after all!”

The gals behind them say ‘And he used to be so skinny!’ & “What a Man!”

Great photos Zane! Thanks for posting them! All of the guys look amazing! If you have more, I’d love to see them! 🙂

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