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Fratmen Sterling Added to the Fratpad Roster!

This Friday, July 18th 8pm PT!

Fratmen Sterling

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no doubt that comments go on quickly buddy. You have done a big and good impression upon all of us, you are welcome, like someone completly at the good place. TY

Stop shaving please!

THANKS ZANE !!! That’s all.

OMG thank you!!!!!

yes please stop manscaping!! stat!!

As soon as i got an eyeful of sterling’s beautiful muscular ass..It was def no brainer that he wold become the newest addition to the pad! I just call it like iI see it!!

Great thank you Zane, you have a keen eye for beauty and always manage to listen to your customers! FWIW I’d like to add my voice to those in favor of doing away with the shaving razor! :- )


it seems that the folks at Frat is betting on a new crop of blond. Primero came the Bo and now Sterling. Are welcome. But am still a fan of the current boys pledgeds

I say let the guys manscape or no. Str8 & gay guys tend to do that now!!!

Sterling is great IMHO…so nice to have a shaved HUNK! (Much like Taylor as Dawg said)!

Stay smooth please! Great addition to the pad.

Thank you! I sincerely thank you.

so now that he’s here, why is he missing from the upcoming schedule?? mcfly???

Sterling is on the upcoming schedule for Thursday, Hipster.

Thought the debut show would be posted in the Archives by Sunday 10 AM Pacific Time. Guess not.

Now it is Monday night 8:40 PM Pacific Time. Still don’t see the debut show in the Archives.

Please don’t allow your guys to shave nor even trim anything other than their beards

Wednesday morning, still nothing in the Archives for Sterling.

It has been one week since Sterling’s debut and nothing in the Archives. Why?? I missed the debut show and would like to watch it.

I’ve got HMJ working on it…. but first, he is working on resolving the issue that is causing the delays on the archives that we are currently facing… I apologize for the inconvenience and I’ll keep you updated when more info becomes avaiable

Thanks for letting me know.

Well, I just got my first eyeful of Sterling… DAMN! Gorgeous from head to toe – those arms, that ASS! What drew me in first though were those big blue eyes, and his beautiful smile! Big dick too – in his first archive, he’s asking chat “do you like it?”And while I wasn’t there, clearly, it was a unanimous ‘YES!’ I hope he stays, I wanna get to know this one!

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