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Vaughn’s Farewell Show Scheduled for Friday Night

After just a short stay at the Fratpad, Fratmen Vaughn has been given a great opportunity that we are encouraging him to take full advantage of. Come on out this Friday night and wish him well as he journeys into this new personal chapter. His farewell show starts at 8pm, immediately following Fratpad Friday!


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For a short time… yet, he has become one of my sexy funny frats… i love this guy … THE WORLD better be good to him.

hope he breaks the 200 on his farewell show then we get to see some naked zane. haha

Thank you guys ! It was a great experience and I hope to re-unite with everyone soon !!!

Vaughn told us he officially graduates in Dec but was offered a job in his field (a guy went on temporary or permanent leave)…The job has him traveling on the W Coast & return to Az.

He hopes to stay on Chaturbate & doesn’t rule out an appearance at the Pad again. Good luck Vaughn!

Best of luck Vaughn! Please let us know how your new job is going. I always enjoyed teaching math and physics to people who believe they’re incapable of learning either subject. I found that a number of teachers present their students with a series of mathematical steps leading up to a final conclusion but they leave out intermediate steps which they assume the student can figure out for himself. Many times however the student simply gives up because he can’t understand the logic necessary to formulate those intermediate steps on his own. At that point he quits and all is lost. So if you sense that problem in some of the students you’re teaching I think it makes sense to expand the number of equations into a larger series of intermediate steps even though some of those intermediate equations may be quite obvious to you.

Take care!

I specifically joined this past month because of Vaughn. Sorry to see him go. Guess my membership length will be short too.

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