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CyberSocket Magazine Does Full Feature Article on the “Stars of Fratmen”

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The Stars of Fratmen

Marrill Milotic takes a look at some of Fratmen’s most popular models

By Marrill Milotic

After was launched in 2000, it quickly became an online phenomenon and was followed by the launch of, and These sites have continued to grow and evolve over the years, but FratMen recently announced plans to kickstart a brand new era of excellence for FratMen fun. Recent developments include a new url (, a new live show format, a new look, and the return of some superstar FratMen alumni who had previously been busy with school. As always, everything revolves around FratMen’s incredible models – and this month we’ll learn more about some of the most popular FratMen.

MADDOX from Scottsdale, Arizona
20, 6’1″ tall, 195 lbs., Straight, Sagittarius

Maddox and his buddy Brantley both began working with Fratmen in 2013. After being flown to Arizona for some filming last summer, Maddox was invited to join the cast of the Fratpad, Fratmen’s 24/7 live cam house. Since then, Maddox has been putting on some of the hottest live shows in the site’s history. When he has time, Maddox enjoys working out, going to beach parties, and attending music festivals. In the future he’d like to pursue acting and modeling, while also working as a personal trainer.

LUCA from Scottsdale, Arizona
19, 5’6″ tall, 150 lbs., Straight, Aries

When Luca first started with Fratmen at age 19, he didn’t have a lot of confidence. After Fratmen gave Luca a complete makeover and helped him to see his own potential, he quickly grew into a confidant, motivated young man. Luca was blown away when he saw the results of his first photo shoot, and a few months later he was invited to join the cast of the Fratpad. In his spare time, Luca has a passion for the culinary arts and dreams of one day opening his own restaurant.

PORTER from Greensboro, NC.
20, 5’8″ tall, 150 lbs., Straight

After a brief audition last summer, boyish-looking Porter and his sexy Southern drawl took the web by storm with a series of hit live cam shows for Fratmen. He then spent the rest of the summer living at the Fratpad before heading back to school. Fans really missed Porter after he left – and he missed them, too. Once back at school, Porter submitted a selfie video that showed him doing backflips, taking nude selfie photos, and jerking off in a pond. Rumor has it that he may come back for another unforgettable summer at the Fratpad.

NICO from Scottsdale, Arizona
21, 5’10” tall, 160 lbs., Straight, Scorpio

Handsome and talented, Nico has been a fan favorite ever since his Fratmen debut in early 2013. This well-endowed dreamboat is a gymnast, an artist, and an aspiring singer. Fans quickly fell for Nico’s charms after he joined the Fratpad last year. He’s currently going to college but plans on spending another summer at the Fratpad.


AIDEN from Raleigh, NC.
22, Straight

If we had to pick a model who best personified Fratmen’s aesthetic, it would be Aiden. With his chiseled jawline, killer smile, and ample endowment, Aiden represents the Fratmen brand perfectly. Aiden is an aspiring bodybuilder and he made his naked Fratmen debut in May last year.

HOUSTON from Long Beach, CA.
19, 5’10” tall, 175 lbs., Straight, Virgo

Blonde haired, blue eyed stud Houston can sometimes be a little bit cocky, but it’s hard to blame him. The gorgeous 19-year-old joined Fratmen just a week after his 18th birthday, making him one of the youngest models that Fratmen has ever worked with. As you can probably tell from his rock hard physique, Houston is an active bodybuilder.

RORY from Salt Lake City, UT.
18, 5’9″ tall, 145 lbs., Straight, Virgo

18-year-old Rory first got involved with Fratmen just weeks before enlisting in the military. With his soft voice and boyish charm, Rory is definitely the kind of guy you’d want to take home to meet your parents. Young and full of life, Rory possesses a captivating mix of beauty and maturity.


SPENCER from New Orleans
27, 5’11” tall, 155 lbs., Straight, Taurus

Spencer is one of the most famous Fratmen of all time. After appearing in many hours of wildly entertaining shows at, he went on to become a cast member of MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011. Spencer was a part of the original Fratpad in Hollywood, as well as the Fratpad in Hawaii and the Fratpad in Phoenix, Arizona – where it has remained ever since. After appearing on The Real World: Las Vegas, Spencer went on to appear in other reality shows and his past with the Fratpad has always seemed to fascinate people.


KEYON from Cocoa Beach, FL.
24, Straight

With his smooth cocoa skin and heart-melting smile, Keyon has appeared on both Fratmen.comand He made his Fratpad debut back in 2011 and then came back for another stay last year. Keyon is currently in school, but hundreds of hours of archived footage from Keyon’s time at the Fratpad are available for site members to explore.

You can follow Fratmen on Twitter and on Instagram. In addition, there’s an official Tumblr page, a news/photo blog and a YouTube account.


To read the full article, pick up a copy of CyberSocket Magazine today!

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That’s really great! Great group of guys!

I would say half of the guys on this list are popular… For the rest I can think of a lot more popular fratmen… But it is good publicity…

Same here Az Doc!

I noticed there’s a pic of nash but noticeably no comment written about him. shhh..i’ll never spill the beans. lol

Don’t know some of them.. but the ones that I love MADDDDDDDDDDDDDY, LUCAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, NICOOOOOOOOOO AND My Porter looks super sexy !!! So happy they are here on the Daily !!!!

Noticing a lack of foreskin being represented here

The numbers are up, the cast is new and I like the fact that zane promised a naked show soon. Maybe we could start a petition to make that show sooner then later.

Yes, Jostopa! Things are on the up and up and we couldn’t be happier! This time last year, it seemed like one bad thing after the next and now it feels like we have finally moved into a really great era for the Fratpad 😉 -Zane

Zane, congrats on the positive “exposure” for the pad! I’m really happy that things are finally looking up for the pad. Personally, I think you deserve a lot of the credit for all the hard work you’ve done. Congrats to Luca, Maddy and Nico for being selected! All of the guys selected are great looking, but I’m sure everyone has their own favorites that they would have included. Personally, I would have included Benji, as he has the most ripped/defined body currently at the pad (and despite what he thinks, he’s still my bro!) I’m also really happy for Luca, and hope this helps him with his modeling career. I’m hoping I can pick up a copy of CyberSocket online. I’ve never seen it locally.

Dustin Zito ( Spencer ) he has already said in the real world that he HATES gay People ! And what can i see here, on Fratpad ? A Picture of these guy ! Incredible !

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