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Thanks to everyone that came out to last night’s return of Fratpad Friday, it was a huge success! For those of you that witnessed the action live, you already know about the colorful surprise grand finale! What was set-up as a jerk-off race, Pledges vs. Alums. The teams were told that the team that would have all 4 team members cum first would be safe from getting covered in paint. And, as soon as the winning teams final member “got off”, the other team would be covered in paint -falling from buckets suspended 20 feet above them! Well, as a surprise twist, the buckets couldn’t wait… as the very first person (Fratmen Axel) came, so did the buckets of paint! This was completely unexpected to the guys, but the viewers that watched the event unfold live were in on the secret plan from the get-go! Here’s a few screen grabs from the surprise splash finale! More pics are coming and as always, you can watch the full video in the Fratpad archives! #theDUEL

splash1 splash2 splash3 splash4 splash5 splash6 splash7 splash8 splash9 splash91 splash92 splash93

Full Video Available in the Fratpad Archives



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When those paint buckets touched down I immediately thought of the old movie “Carrie” who also got a surprise red paint bucket dropped on her from high above. Both here and there the red paint symbolized a moment of high sexual drama. This was so much fun to see especially knowing that over 2,000 people saw the event live on both Fratpad and Benji’s channel at Chaturbate.

What an amazing night… there were moments i couldn’t stop laughing. THANK GOD for FRAT FRIDAYS! So glad they are back…. Axel did say earlier he’d win this whack off race.. so Bravo Axel for letting us know your word is SOLID!

Congrats to Axel! I could tell he was going to win this one the way he was going at it! LOL! I love how this series of photos shows Luca diving out of the way. That guy can move! LOL!

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