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One Year Later: The Passing of Fratmen Raphael

As we prepare to celebrate the return of Fratpad Friday tonight, it is not lost on us that one year ago today, we learned the passing of one of our very own brothers- Fratmen Raphael. “Raph’s” short-term stay at the Fratpad doesn’t dilute the effect that it had on all of us here at Fratmen. I still remember that night like it was yesterday.

I was with HMJ and Fratmen Alan walking in to go see the new Star Trek movie when Fratmom Josie called to deliver the terrible news. Immediately, HMJ called a company-wide meeting for 9am the following morning. I don’t remember anything from the movie, I kept thinking about what we had just learned. Before the meeting, I had met Fratmom Josie out front and we just hugged each other for what seemed like forever. She was fighting back tears and I could tell exactly what she was thinking. It was only a few days prior that her and I were packing up Raphael’s belongings before driving him to the airport for the very last time- it all seemed so surreal… like a really bad dream.

It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed, so much has changed since then. With almost an entirely different cast today, it makes me reflect on how precious our time is with each and every one of our frats that come for a stay here at the Fratpad. While the faces have changed, the one thing that remains the same is the brotherhood and the bond that exists within these walls. Tonight, as we bring back a Fratpad tradition, our brothers will compete in Raphael’s honor. This one’s for you, brother.

raphael1 raphael2 raphael3 raphael4 raphael5 raphael6 raphael7 raphael8 raphael9


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*** such a beautiful smile, will always be missed ***

“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”

Beautiful, TOIL. Be at peace, Raphael. You are remembered…with smiles.

Forever loved.. never forgotten.. Raphael still lives in the hearts that remember him.

Sharing this pics with us today is a nice tribute for a kind guy I cherished!

“Met you as a stranger,
Took you as a Friend,
Hope we meet in Heaven,
Where Friendship never ends”

Je t’aime Raphaël, comme au premier jour X♥X♥
Love you Raphael, like the first day X♥X♥

Zane, this was very well done! RIP Raphael…

RIP raphael…you were a great and loving person..miss you xoxooxxo

Zane, this is a very well written and touching tribute to Raphael. I didn’t get to know Raphael well during his short stay at the pad, but I liked him, and he seemed to be a very friendly, caring and sensitive guy. I was greatly saddened to learn of his passing and the loss of Everett a short time later. As someone who has personally experienced the loss of several loved ones and friends, I completely agree that we need to cherish the time we have to share with others.

it’s weird to watch someone in pics like that and to realize he is not longer among us. I never watched the guy but i hope that his family is doing well after such a tragic loss. I am lucky that where I work there is a medical plan that is provided if i ever need to consult a professional. I know business is business and we are all adults but mental health, addictions, anxiety are serious issues and i hope that the pad provides councilling to those that might require it.

Please when such situations occur could announce in advance as possible of the matter I found out a year later, ask many times by Raphael, God I feel so bad, often talk to, it was a nice person a jolly good fellow, desconosco as was his death, God will have him by his side, soon my love.

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