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Screw Soccer! Naked Fratmen Wrestling is Waaaaaay Hotter!



The real duel heats up this Friday at the Fratpad!

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Love This picture Zane!

we should probably change the fratpad to the maddox pad… he seems to be getting alot of attention while others are left behind

They look like two bronze gods vying for supremacy in paradise; kudos to Zane for this remarkable piece of imagery!


I’m kind of… sort of…. PHOTOGENIC Jostopa… thats why im always in pictures.. along with being a cam-whore 😉 lets not forget what makes the pad different from other cam sites.. having more than one body in a cam, also the brother-hood. Also, popular fratmen, tend to get more attention.


not meaning to start a fight, but that’s just my input.

I like you maddox… i tend to call them as I see them. I’m wrong at times, I hope my words weren’t perceived mean cause im really not.

My complaint is that Maddy isn’t in enough pictures! I mean, he’s breathtakingly beautiful and the camera absolutely LOVES him! On cam shows, he’s charming, silly, and entertaining as fuck! 🙂 Besides, if you’re going to change the name, it wouldn’t be to ‘Maddox Pad’. That sounds like a feminine hygiene product. I think ‘Castle Maddox’, ‘Chateau Maddox’ or “Maddox Manor’ all have a nice ring to them. 🙂

I personally don’t see a lot of MADDOX in the daily — what gives? Jostopa, could you go back to the Daily front page and count how many titles you have to pass to get to a solo Maddy section. Don’t count this one because maddy’s pic is in it.. the title doesn’t say Maddox – let me know again if Maddox is getting a lot of attention ???

I think all of the FM are extremely good looking. Each has their own unique and sexy qualities. From dark brown to alabaster skin . . . all ready and willing to share themselves with us. Also, they all seem to be so comfortable with each other that the intimacy doesn’t seem forced or fake. Kudo’s to this group of young men – willing to share the limelight and entertain us.

Can’t miss Benjy’s balls hanging down! First thing I saw! The bulls are raging!

Re Maddy…Have you noticed he is now listed first on the Pad Start page?

I’ve been liking the increased interaction at the pad. I tend not to watch more than 15-20 min of solo chat shows.

it’s ‘football’ not ‘soccer’

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