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A Changing FRATPAD Business Model

A Changing FRATPAD Business Model – One Member Opines

by FRATPAD member ‘EvilOne’

Firstly I just want to say that I am not anti-Fratpad, nor am I to be associated with any “hate group” against HMJ or the business. I disagree with a number of things done on both sides, as far as factually accounted unprofessionalism, and spreading venomous tripe through the rumour mill. I am on the side of myself. If you don’t like it, fuck off and do it twice if you need to.

I don’t care if a former or current Fratmen allegedly told you that another is on drugs, or was forced into fucking HMJ for money, I don’t care if you don’t believe your actions as management seem completely fine to you. I give exactly none of the fucks. So whether you are HMJ and would rather silence my right to freedom of speech or an “old member” who still harps on bitterly about Fratpad and how much you hate HMJ after a long time of parting ways, I am still going to speak my motherfucking mind. So Leolites, ass-kissers of HMJ, whiners at the benjyblog (not that all of them are whiners) or even Fratmen past and present; think what you like; I am not going to give a fuck. But it would be in your best interests not to put words in my mouth. I have plenty. Find out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Dare you.

The following criticisms and assessment is not to shame Fratpad in anyway, but to instead share a view, and perhaps highlight to those who might not know or who might want to now, where it has all gone and continues to go horribly wrong.

Okay, so let’s begin at the beginning…

1. The Working Business Model.
At the height of it’s success and quality of service, Fratpad was about providing a fantasy in which subscribers got to partake in the lives of “straight men”, sometimes doing not so straight things, in the setting of a fraternity themed interactive cam-house. The members were the Fratmen’s sole priority, keeping them entertained and interested, keeping them hooked as a member, and each Fratmen had their own unique personality and appeal. It was never all about jerking off and blowing loads, nor was it always about compromising their sexuality for a spell of homoerotic behaviour with the other Fratmen, however, there was no distraction or pressure on the sidelines, to diminish the Fratmen’s focus upon the members who so enjoyed them. Live-streaming with chat provided the Fratmen with an arena by which they could generate interest for privates, which given their allowance to focus solely on the members, resulted in Fratmen receiving frequent privates on a weekly basis. Once in a while, Fratmen would engage in “duos” which were available to purchase only for a limited amount of time upon release. Models from provided a renewable source of candidates for the Pad, and there was an actual fraternity ranking system of sorts; President, Alum, and the newcomers on trial of course were Pledges. HMJ only brought his face to the attention of things on occasion. Members on the whole were happy and felt listened to, as well as they felt that they were receiving what they were truly paying for in their membership; a vicarious interactive experience into the lives of Fratmen who were there to respond in kind. This was the working model, and what I refer to as “The Silver Age” of the Pad.

2. Where it all went Wrong.
A number of poorly handled an calculated business decisions started to creep through the “Silver Age” of the Pad, and what then promised to be the “Golden Age” was indeed anything but golden. HMJ started to generate a negative and more commonly known public image among the members, which seemed to correlate with the slew of poor business decisions being made, beyond the excuse of circumstance. Members and Fratmen began to suffer as a result, with reports of being treated poorly. A number of members felt they were no longer being listened to, in all manner of things ranging from “having their voice heard” in general to “trying to work out erroneous membership charges”. The chat room became updated, though such was not an actual improvement; new features including the capability for members to view one another on cam, and talk to one another over mic. This, though liked by a number of members, served as the first of many distractions from the essential purpose of the Fratpad as a business and service. In a cam-house where success, momentum and the very selling point of the business model relied upon members interacting with Fratmen and having uninterrupted interaction with them, it is not prudent to detract from this by creating “other things” to interact with. I raised this point with Leo before the new chatroom update was launched and was told “but who will want to watch a member when you have like, a Shay to look at?” to which I replied “It is not all about the way people look. And either way, what then is the point in having member webcams featured in chat at all?”. Though the stink of negativity crept in beneath most noses, the general opinion an mindset became to surface that Fratpad had begun to get ahead of itself, and in hushed whispers many foresaw the beginning of the end.

3. Narcissism and it’s many Pitfalls
Then came the greed of a beast that need not better itself, fooled by the first taste of gold that came from it’s greed, in a way that made it unable to sustain it’s appetite. Thus began the “Platinum Age”, in which FratmenSucks was born, and though a much loved baby by those who were all about seeing their favourite Fratmen suck some wang, again it distracted from the original business model, unnecessarily. Why create a new brand that emphasises that these men hired to maintain a “straight boy bromance” fantasy, might in fact not be all that straight, but in fact be more suited to the tagline “bisexual boy cumfest”? A company that once pointedly avoided describing itself as porn, was making, well…porn. Their “straight” models did not look so straight any more with six different cocks in their mouth, available with the click of a mouse, nor did their appeal remain so intact as such. With this, interest of members from the previous business models began to dwindle, while interest from a new generation of members who saw the Pad as more of a porn-oriented service, grew in leaps and bounds. One had to wonder; why not simply keep all Fratmen/Fratpad duos available, without a rebrand? And why produce so many so often? Money, of course. Although, built upon this foundation and managed in this way, FratmenSucks is now in a vegetative state. also became lost to a coma. Events of controversy surrounded the Pad, from the handling/mishandling of drug use at the pad and eventual death/s relating to this, to the location of the Pad being revealed on a public news broadcast, complete with an aired quote from HMJ himself (who in the past had fired those employed who risked revealing the location of the Pad, as it endangered the business and other employees). Fratpad then teams up with Flirt4Free. Perhaps the worst business idea yet. As a result, energy from Fratmen becomes more focussed on banking as much as possible with F4F, and less towards the members actually paying monthly memberships for the pleasure. It makes little to no sense at all. If F4F is to be the focus of Fratpad’s income, then why not simply be done with the Pad altogether and simply represent cam models as an agent. Anyone can broadcast on F4F from their shitty ghetto-ass homes in Fuckknows, Calcutta. There is no need for a Fratpad. If the quality and focus of services are to be split like this, then so too must the cost of memberships, otherwise members of Fratpad are simply paying Fratmen an additional wage to add to Fratmen’s Flirt4Free’s earnings, with less return on that investment than before. And of course, with F4F making the Pad about greed and exhausting Fratmen’s efforts and focus, member interest in privates degenerates, which then makes extra earnings from F4F a necessity. It is not rocket science. Prices for membership became unsteady and unreasonable, given the fluctuating services and quality of services provided. And then the harebrained scheme for a PentHouse addition to the Fratpad amenities of service and interaction. Why? There is really no good reason why. The cost for paying an extra lease on such a property can not outweigh the money generated as a result, and is extremely impractical given that well, there were more than enough facilities and bedrooms at the original Fratpad to keep anyone half-sane satisfied. So then why? Again, one can only wonder, though some suspect an attempt to appease the demands of deemed “superstars”, whatever that means because I am pretty sure Beyonce is not a Fratmen. Of course, this lead to nothing good, which leads us to our next benchmark. I am not even going to go there with the “Founders Council/Committee” because really? That was retarded and elitist beyond belief! Giving “power” to any Fratpad member is a bad idea (having become familiar with many of them, past and present), especially for them only to find out they actually had…well…none. No wonder bitches got upset! I also just want to point out that this shit is not real. It’s not a real fraternity, there is no call for a real fucking committee. Say I’m wrong if you want but the proof is in the pudding. Where did it get anyone? No-fucking-where.

4. The Depression
Where we are now. No FratmenSucks, no, no Fratmen (for a few weeks) or Fratpad (beyond house-cams). Many questions are left unanswered. Why close down the Fratpad for two weeks, which caused resident Fratmen and active members to suffer, due to the actions of an entirely different gaggle of Fratmen altogether? Surely, trusting the “PentHouse 4” enough to behave responsibly without supervision is the fault of he who entrusted, and so punishment should be delivered upon himself? Still, no answers given on that. Why too, after firing 3 of the Penthouse 4 for “burglary” and rehiring 1 of them, do you continue too punish uninvolved Fratmen by taking away their food privileges, reducing their pay for livestreaming chat room shows, forcing them to rely now on tokens given from members via chat (who are already paying for a membership and shouldn’t have to dig further into their budget for something they once did not have to pay for), and now depend even more upon F4F /PPV income? Of course, the money must not be there, but again, unreasonable spending of it is at the fault of those managing budget, not the Fratmen, and the PH6 “burglary” should not be used as an excuse to cover the asses of anyone responsible for financial errors in the company’s management. At current, the business model does not work. F4F is going to be the destruction of the pad, and the sooner it is abolished the better. The tokens system is not sustainable, as even the wealthiest of members are not made of money and will grow tired of dipping further into their budget week to week. Right now, Fratmen are receiving unfairly randomized benefits from the token system anyway, due to their timeslot, what day of the week it is; some Fratmen are streaming when members have tokens to give, some are streaming when all their tokens have been spent. In addition, the tokens scheme is creating a sort of depression, since it seems towards the end of the week when most members’ total token budget has been spent, less and less members even sign in to interact with the models at all. It is ridiculous. And why even have a token system that requires something like 600 tokens an hour once/twice per day to make up for the salary that has been taken away from the Fratmen, when it would be more practical for the members to just buy privates from Fratmen at that rate? It is all one big financial and marketing clusterfuck.

Now as for what I want for the Fratpad…

What I want is for Fratpad to thrive again and reach a new height of success. I want the members and the Fratmen to be completely happy again, and this does not apply to new members who only think they are happy because they know no better, or ass-kissing members who only criticise HMJ, other management and the Pad when not being seen to do so by such entities. I am not an enemy of the Pad, as stated before, and frankly I am sick to death of the rumours I am told, none without any form of proof offered beyond hearsay. I do not want to hear that HMJ forced [name removed] into sex for money, or that [name removed]’s gym bag is full of drugs and he was fucking a tranny member of the site in return for drugs. If you can’t prove it, and it wasn’t proven to you, then kindly shut the fuck up.

Now here are my suggestions for the future success of Fratpad…

– Cut all ties with Flirt For fucking Free. For fuck’s sake.
– Advertise and promote. If more people knew about Fratpad, you would have more members and thusly a better budget to provide better pay and services with. Speculate to accumulate. Take a clutch of Fratmen to a number of Expos more than a few times a year. I guarantee you it will give you a better return than paying for a fucking needless penthouse that is no longer being utilized as intended.
– Have the focus of Fratmen prioritise towards Fratpad members. That is how the original business model worked, you know, the successful one. In other words, find a way to pay Fratmen a full salary for live shows again so that they, you know, have the will to live let alone entertain.
– Give the Fratmen back their groceries budget. I speak from experience when I say that jerking off and wanting to entertain is difficult on an empty stomach. Plus, even prison inmates get fed, and most if not all of them have actually committed crimes.
– Revise staffing decisions. How many people are now employed to help manage the company? Is there really a need for that many? I see two-three people on computer for hours at a time via House Cams, but no visible trail or proof of evidence that much is being done by them. Certainly nothing so important that they can not casually converse in chat or take to twitter for unimportant matters. Perhaps one or two super-efficient employees would be better than a handful of average ones. I am available if you are hiring.
– Consider media relations. Now that Fratpad is no longer so secreted and has already been made public to mainstream media, perhaps there is money to be made in appearances, interviews, radio etc. Hell turn the Pad into a party house at the weekends and broadcast it all live with handheld footage taken. Fratmen would make more money from lap dancing tips in those two nights than they ever will consistently via fucking tokens.
– Business relations might also be something to pursue. Who knows, more friendly relationships with other companies could result in simply extra traffic, or a even a Benjy dildo, maybe even purchasable Fratmen t-shirts and other shit that generates revenue. Just a thought.
– Bring back the pledge system, thanks.

There is probably a lot more I had to say because I am an exceptionally mouthy cunt, but for now this will do, and if you don’t like it, go cry into your pillow after fucking it thrice.

For now, I’m done. I gots Hell to raise and my fingers is fuckin’ tired.


– EvilOne

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perfect wording.

That was really insightful. Thanks evil!

Evil, I agree with your suggestions. I am a huge proponent for targeted marketing, cross promotion, & media relations as you described. Therefore, we are in complete agreement. However, based on my observations, sadly it appears that neither the previous nor the present business models are sustainable from a financial perspective. Thus, my recommendations are centered on creating incentives for both current & future members. I believe developing a tiered system of accessibility of member contact with our beloved Fratmen would assist in providing a framework to achieve and maintain a successful business model. My proposals are as follows:


VIP Member w/ 300 Tokens $49.95 / Month
10% Discount on Privates
5% Discount on Tokens
Access to All Pad Cams
Access to All Cam Shows
Access to Send & Receive Site E-Mail

VIP Member $39.95 / Month
10% Discount on Privates
5% Discount on Tokens
Access to All Pad Cams
Access to All Cam Shows
Access to Send & Receive Site E-Mail

Standard Member $29.95 / Month
Access to All Pad Cams
Access to All Cam Shows

3 – OR – 6 Month Introductory Membership * FREE *
Access to 9 Cams
Access to Limited Cam Shows
1. 1 – 2 hours Only per Day
2. Zero – Limited Nudity
3. Zero JO’s
4. Single Fratmen (No Duos) w/ Rotating Schedule to Allow Introductory Members to meet All Fratmen approximately every two weeks.


1. Every effort should be made by Fratmen to be very attentive, engaging & responsive to Member Chat Feed.
2. Every Effort should be made by Fratmen to prepare for planned activities before each Cam Show begins. (e.g. Equipment, Towels, etc.)
3. 1 – 2 Daily Duo Cam Shows (Free Introductory Members Prohibited) (e.g. Massages, Showers, etc.)
4. Zero – Limited Time in Gym during Cam Show unless multiple Members request. This will assist each Fratmen with engaging with Members.
5. Zero – Limited JO’s to encourage exclusivity of sharing a Private with a Fratmen.
6. In the event a Fratmen is unable to perform his scheduled Cam Show, schedule an alternate Fratmen to fulfill the scheduled requirement.
7. A Tweet should be sent at the beginning of each Cam Show for all Fratmen.
8. A Tech Admin should be scheduled to be on duty during all Cam Shows to assist with Tech Issues. Tech Savvy Fratmen maybe cross trained in the event that a Tech Admin can not be available.

1. Encourage enrollment in College Courses (On Campus and/or Online) or other Continuing Education Courses. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that one can not be a cam model forever.
2. Permit, but not require, Fratmen to perform Live Cam Shows to earn additional income on website like F4F or Chaturbate. However, each Fratmen should be coached and encouraged to research any website daily for at least one week prior to going live. It is recommended that the top performers for each respective website be closely observed. This will help to ensure all rules are followed and successful strategies are utilized to maximize their time and income.


1. Encourage, but not require, Fratmen to reside in the FratPad. More Fratmen living onsite as opposed to offsite will encourage members to want to view Pad Cams & hang out in Member Chat which often leads to developing friendships.
2. If the provision of groceries can not be restored, supplying the Pad with Protein Bars, Apples, Oranges, etc. is recommended. One Member has commented that Bananas can be both decorative, nutritional, and used as a prop. haha :)))

Really good, Shyboi. I can’t find anything in that proposal that I disagree with.

EvilOne, I have read your business model opinion twice, and have to say it is the most spot on of anything I have read. Couple of items I want to comment on. If the pad ever “dies” the tombstone should read “murdered by F4F and tokens”. I agree admin staff ratio must have be two or three to every Fratmen. A very costly penthouse for what ?????? Get out of those leases and buy food ! The site could go back to being # 1 similar to the “Silver Age” with some common business sense that you have outlined EvilOne…..

I feel like a lot of this is just common sense, but finally made obvious to all. I like the ideas people are throwing around too!

Although Shyboi, I’d rather the token system be done away with entirely, it does give unfair advantage to some, and discourages others. Plus, if members spend a lot of money on tokens, they may be less inclined to pay for a private, or like Evil said, unwilling to buy more at the end of the week/month/what have you, for other Fratmen.

Evil’s last point above^ is a great suggestion, and that would help eliminate a lot of hearsay that tends to go on, I think.

LadyRed, my luv <3 You are absolutely correct. The token system, like most things in life, has it's advantages and disadvantages. I'm just so delighted that we have been invited to "join the conversation". :)) To me, this is a true sign that a company is willing to listen to their clients/customers/members and are willing to work thru improvements that will create a win for the members, a win for the employees, and a win for the company. :))

Evil, you are so . . . well, Evil. LOL 🙂 I totally agree, one can only encourage others & not require them to pursue continuing education. Also, 99.99% of the time I do not take it personal when my comments or questions seemed to be ignored. However, sadly, recently I saw at least two people comment during one show they were very frustrated and would be leaving since the Fratmen was not watching chat while he was working out in the gym. Wow, you and I actually seem to have very similar, if not identical, recommendations. Does that make me Evil too? LOL 🙂

All I have to say is well said Evil.

If i was to be nice to say.. good wording Evil, i’d have to kill myself. lol …. All this from the depth of HELL.. mmmmmm !!! No wonder the heat is up down yonder. ( I too, need to say this.. I hate F4F )

OMG, am not courageous enough to read ‘and transate all that
I just saw that it was not a more hating way, so I agree and hope the best for this refund.
good luck

In a perfect world there would be no tokens and no pressure for Fratmen to do PPV but I’m reasonably sure that our membership fees alone cannot pay the overhead for 8 or more hours of Fratmen cam shows, pay the rent on the house and generate a reasonable profit for the company. The key advantage of tokens is that it makes PPV optional; to me that is a huge plus because Fratmen will no longer be suspended a week or more if they do not meet the old 6 hour PPV requirement. I viewed that suspension as an enormous waste of valuable Fratmen talent and a great disappointment to both the Fratmen and the members whose favorite Fratmen suddenly disappeared from the schedule. I am so glad all that is a thing of the past. But why is it a thing of the past? Because of tokens. No longer will Fratmen be sidelined for extended periods because they haven’t done their weekly PPV service. To me that makes the whole token system worthwhile. As I’ve said before I’m not at all sure that the tokens can pay for the entire second hour of multiple Fratmen performances; that means that HMJ may have to step in to pay a portion of the second hour but I’m willing to bet that he will do that if that’s what it takes to make the system work. I’ve already spent a considerable sum in token tips and I know of others who have spent even more but in the end I see that expenditure as a good investment for the above stated reason.

i agree with you PeteE. I prefer the token system than ppv really. Ppv isn’t a big thing now, most of the frats don’t go there anymore and if they go it’s because they want to and not because they have to. I think the pad should be more advertised in order to gather larger crowds. New members are always welcome. Places like Chaturbate are good for that although advertising is forbidden, but the frats can make loads of money and redirect them for their twitters and then to the pad site. But it’s a field that i’m scared to explore because of the member’s ppv general hate. Another thing, can you please put someone in an earlier time? The pad was so great because european members like me could watch the earlier shifts, now i can only watch 1 or 2 guys and that’s if i stay awake past 1 am…. Thank you 🙂

Wow. Eloquently stated Evil and Shy. There is a great deal of merit in your points. It’s nice to see members come together with constructive rather than destructive comments and suggestions.

I mentioned in one of my other posts that appealing to the masses is never an easy thing to do but landing somewhere in the middle is probably the best, most sensible business model.

I’m one of the members that generally doesn’t mind a hot workout show. It is nice if the guys check the chat now and then but I love seeing them strain and sweat so it’s never been a problem. I’ve also never cared if they eat on cam as long as it’s not a 7 course meal that never ends. I’m a huge fan of massage shows but have heard members who like to be chat complain they get too distracted. Somewhere in the middle there’s a balance that must be struck. There are only so many things the guys can come up with and not all of them will be popular.

Thanks for taking time to outline some very noteworthy suggestions.

See you in chat. xo xo xo

Delightful to see “respectfully” and “rabid shitmunchers” in the same sentence as only Evil would have the balls to do.

Ok, now that my work is apparently done over in Sexual ‘Assault’…, I wanted to come back over and join in the discussion here. Let’s see… where to start?

First of all, I want to commend EvilOne on a thorough and remarkably accurate assessment of the business model. Short of a few frilly embellishments surrounding the psychology of it all, he’s managed to nail most all of the salient points on the head. The one important factor that he’s missed is something that, as an outside participant looking in, he couldn’t know: The FRATPAD LIVE! shows have always been a loss leader for us. They are significantly under-represented in their contribution to total revenue and viewership, and they are frighteningly expensive to produce.

For the first year or so after the Pad started, the operation was almost entirely supported by FRATMEN tv. The Pad was originally envisioned to enable us to provide additional work and promotion for the performers who had already shot feature content, but no one was able to portend that the real magic of the FRATPAD would be the interactive relationships with the performers and the nostalgic sense of community among the membership. We all thought it was just another opportunity to watch the performers jack-off, but shortly after we started the real and precious nature of the LIVE! shows started to become more clear. The jacking-off was just a “hook”.

About two-thirds of the way through our time in Hollywood, the shows started to accrue their support from the more sexually explicit pay-per-view shows we called “duos” (which have been collected and offered as bonus content to FRATMEN ALLaccess). Those events continued throughout our time in Hawaii and well after we moved to Arizona, and they were extremely profitable until shortly before they stopped. The next phase of support for the FRATPAD was through the era of FratmenSUCKS!. The Pad provided a ready pool of performers to shoot the features and the revenue from those features in turn provided operating capital for the Pad.

But over the last few years we have been seeing a fundamental change in this industry brought about by a glut of high-quality content and a significant amount of mid-quality content available for free. The good news is that the smart money seems to be facing toward creating authentic live content like the FRATPAD and “virtual” sex which, in its present form, manifests as PPV cam sites. And the delivery of new and existing content will likely move away from the subscription model to a pay-per-download/pay-per-view model like iTunes. We had started working on the tools to be ready for this new paradigm over a year before Landon left, but we’ve have had the back tires stuck in the mud almost ever since.

The FRATHOUSE and to a lesser extent the token driven cam shows (first on our own through, and then in partnership with Flirt4Free), were envisioned to take advantage of this shift by re-purposing the existing content production for consumption by a different and more main-stream “reality show” audience, and all this hopefully without significantly changing the form of FRATPAD or FRATMEN tv. There can obviously be no question now that we have fallen short in implementing that grand scheme, and we began rolling-back the infrastructure and staff required to implement it over a month and a half ago. I was both the sole champion of its concept and the silent hands of its implementation, and I accept full and personal responsibility for its failure and the predicament it has put my company in.

So here we are. To give you a little better picture of the division of content consumption by segment, here is a snapshot of a typical week shortly before we did the reset:

For 371,768 unique pages views for the week ending March 22, 2014

Of Total Traffic:


We have brought three new Pledges to the Pad today, and the weekly FRATMEN tv updates as well as our affiliate marketing program are resuming on Friday, but we still need to come up with a scheme that provides a better balance between the LIVE! shows’ revenue contribution and viewership, and their enormous cost. We have been percolating some more ideas around here lately that we think will work well, but for now, I think I should just shut and listen.

John I have a question about how the tokens fit into the equation for paying Fratmen. It was my understanding that our membership fees paid for the first hour of cam shows by a Fratmen and if that Fratmen performed a second hour of cam show on any given day that members would need to contribute around 600 tokens to make that second hour a financial success for the Fratmen. Is that how you envision the system working? So far I think there’s only been one week in the new era when each Fratmen has done 2 hours of shows per day; I know that in at least one of those shows we managed to contribute 50% more than the 600 tokens so it is possible to do, I just don’t know if how sustainable it will be over the long run and whether you can make up any deficiency in our ability to contribute tokens for the second hour of a Fratmen’s cam performance.

In purely mathematical terms I can understand how Fratmen LIVE! shows may have been a loss leader but at the same time I think everyone has realized that those shows have a very real intangible value for if these shows didn’t exist the site itself could not exist in its present form.

PeteE, I’ve never been a fan of the more direct links between the shows that guys are performing, and the requests for tips. And based on most everyone’s distaste for the absolute link between the two during the PPV show format, I suspect that the system we are using at the Pad will evolve into a slightly different form. I wrote in a later comment about the idea of “sponsored” shows, that are proposed and paid for collectively in small amounts by a group of members, say 30-50 tokens each. One of the other interesting (but maybe kooky) ideas bouncing around was to modify the Public Television/Radio “member-supported” model where there are “Pledge drives” (pun intended) to raise support separately from the actual performances.

John, I do like the idea of sponsored shows; in fact we’ve organized one for Lance tonight (May 17). I’m fairly certain that we can contribute more than 600 tokens for the hour of that show. However if for some reason that doesn’t happen I’m planning to contribute however many tokens is necessary to reach the 600 token level. That way Lance will be guaranteed to receive his full pay for the sponsored show. Also I plan on doing that for as many sponsored shows that Lance wants to do in the future. If other members want to do that for other Fratmen as well then we can return to 2 hours of chat per Fratmen each and every day that they’re on. I believe that most people like 2 hours of chat rather than 1 so if we can increase the number of 2 hour per day chats for a select number of Fratmen I see that as a positive step for the future of FRATPAD LIVE! shows.

This is exactly what I wanted to (and suspected I would) hear. I also suspect you will find support from other members in your effort, and that other FRATMEN will easily pair up with their own sponsors like you and Lance. FRATMEN Zane is putting the finishing touches on individual “fan” sites for all of the guys ( is the first), with their schedule and links into their social media, and I am working on integrating the promotion and pledging to sponsored shows into the existing FRATPAD schedule display. We will also have links on the guys feature pages on FRATMEN tv and FratmenSUCKS! to promote the shows there.

I’m curious about to what extent the percentage of money that goes to the guys affects your decision to participate in different types of activities. Have you supported Lance in any of his PPV shows and would the different percentage affect your decision to participate or would it be more based on the different environment over there. One of the other things I have been considering is an additional, more “direct” tipping method, with virtually all of the money from that going to the guys, but I would want to be confident that instituting something like that wouldn’t affect the guys willingness to perform shows or the members willingness to sponsor them. Some of the guys (no one in the present cast, of course) tend toward laziness. oh jeez, did I just say that out loud? 😉

John the percentage of money that goes to the guys affects my decision to participate not only in different types of activities but also in the number of tokens that I’m willing to contribute especially in the FRATPAD LIVE! shows themselves. If that percentage goes up I guarantee that my token contributions will likewise go up significantly. You will still get the same amount of money in nominal terms while Lance will get even more; I think that’s a win win situation for both you and the Fratmen and I know some other tipping members who feel the same because we were having a discussion about that very thing just last night in Nico’s chat.

Yes I have supported Lance to a large degree in his PPV shows particularly when he was removed from the FRATPAD LIVE! shows for a week last winter because he missed his PPV goal. I cannot stress how much both the members and the Fratmen prefer FRATPAD LIVE! shows over PPV. Being able to move about the house and do things like frolicking in the swimming pool and just immersing us in the fantasy of being in a million dollar mansion make all of us so much happier than being trapped in a seat as is necessary for the PPV format.

I believe that direct tipping with almost all of the money from that going to the guys would be an excellent idea. To allay any concerns you may have such as the two you list why not institute that policy on a trial basis and see how well it works? You can always modify the distribution levels if that becomes necessary.

Thanks Pete and Evil, for the input about your motivations for giving extras to the guys. PeteE, your argument about the nominal value of the shows put a new twist on my thinking about the subject. The real value of the shows to the Company, after all, is from their frequency, not from their direct contribution to revenue, and any scheme that maximizes their frequency should have the best result on the bottom line. If you haven’t already noticed, I implemented a new “direct” tipping method over the weekend which allows members to tip the FRATMEN at the same percentage to the guys as the private shows, and that percentage represents the highest possible amount we can offer them after deductions for CCBill processing fees, the hold-back for fraud and “chargebacks”, and the deduction for payroll taxes. I’m comfortable enough now, obviously, that we can at least experiment with this system independently of our fiddling with the idea of token-sponsored shows.

Exactly John! If the formula for tokens results in a higher frequency of Fratpad LIVE! shows at reduced cost to the Company then these shows will have an enhanced effect on the bottom line. I think that ideas such as this will do much to enhance the long term viability of Pad in general and Fratpad LIVE! shows in particular. I love the direct tipping method, I used it just this morning. Thank your for putting this experiment into place.

I couldn’t resist the jabs, Ev1l. I’m trying to grow a set of balls as big as yours are… It’s the only way I’m going to keep my job. 😉

HMJ, I appreciate this information… thank you…

I have been a member off and on from the beginning. Rarely come into chat. But my 2 cents.

1. Move this discussion to top of the page on the daily — most people who might have suggestions may not know this is still active.
2. I think from the beginning ignoring that other blog would have been the best strategy. Matthew’s editorials were so over the top, nasty and obviously agenda based that most paid them no attention except to get a chuckle.
3. Making an enemy of Ben I think was a mistake. I know he allowed a forum for Matthew’s rants but otherwise he used to be fairly neutral. He has now gone to the other side as well. But he has gone so far over that he has lost all credibility now. The clincher for me was his laughable investigative reporting on the eviction story. I cannot image a grown man calling the neighbors to get the big scoop as if he works for the NY Times investigating Obama. Now would be a good time to start Operation Ignore the crazies over there. I understand they have affected operations and hurt a lot of innocent people in order to kill the boogey man but continuing to attack the hornets nest just continues to get you stung.
4. Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting — Hot guys that rotate in and out are more important than new portals, fancy graphics, livestreams etc etc etc. I know it must be hard to get hot guys that are willing to do this but to me most energy should be focused there. If hot guys are on getting naked they will come. I could get on Chaturbate every night and pick 10-12 hot guys that could be Pad material. I know only a very small % of them would ever work out but if you got 1 a month from that pool you would have a new pool of models. I personally don’t care that they were on Chaturbate first if they are hot.
5. Hire one Type A personality!!!! To many Type B’s work and have worked here!!!!
6. What about having some private shows within the Fratpad schedule? Fratmen X is scheduled at 2:00 and will be fingering his hole, and using a dildo for 30 minutes for example. Tip X number of tokens for this show. Fratmen could ask members what they want to see that may or may not be allowed during the normal shows and if the Fratmen is willing to do it in a private show for certain amount of tokens then do it. Perhaps some things that are taboo in regular shows could be done in private shows. This is not to become the norm but just something different to spice things up. Different activities and things going on causes people to come to check out what is going on. I have been a member off and on and when I rejoin after a few months of not being a member it is always because of new models or something new and different that is going on.
7. Can you mix in some Fratmen shows from home in with the normal schedule? Like at 1:00 Fratmen Caleb (fill in your favorite fratmen who is not going to come to the pad anymore but might do shows from home) will do a show from home. This way less guys are needed at the Pad and the schedule gets filled up. King like the idea with fratmen live but within the Pad schedule.
8. Get the guys (don’t require it though not like the Flirt deal) on Chaturbate and Cam4 with links to their Twitter where they can publicize the Pad and Fratmen TV. Let them keep all tips made there.
9. Sorry for the ramblings but I feel better now.

Thanks Redeye, you bring up some terrific points. Let talk about them one by one:

1. Good idea. Done.

2-3. We have tried virtually all of those strategies in dealing with Ben’s Blog over the year+ that it’s been a problem, and the only one that has seemed to have worked was the brutally frank discussion I just had in the post last week here in theDaily titled Sexual ‘Assault’. I’ve had a feeling for a while now (and I’ve nearly concluded) that it really isn’t Ben who’s the problem, he’s just a pawn. Although he has repeatedly said that he wants the “best” for the Pad, his willingness to publish a narrative put forth by “Matthew” (as well as Landon and his henchmen), has infected everyone here at some point or another, to varying extents, making it extremely difficult to accomplish stuff or muster the strength to continue. “You’re not going to paid”, or “Stay away from HostmasterJohn, he’s a predator” are things that members have actually said to performers in Private shows, and it’s had a real and very damaging effect on what we’ve been trying to accomplish. And to make matters worse, ever since Landon left (and despite repeated public assertions to the contrary) he’s engaged in a relentless campaign of dirty tricks and sabotage, from aggressively pursuing any present or former employee he could get his hands on (including our recruiter), to initiating electronic vandalism against one of our web servers. I’m reasonable confident that with the changes we’ve seen in personnel here, coupled with what I see as a subtle change in tone from Ben, we have as good a chance as we’ve ever had to put it all behind us… only time will tell.

4. We’ve known this for a while now and have three new Pledges coming to the Pad by this weekend.

5. I’d be interested in hearing an expanded explanation of this item. Would that be for the performers or the behind-the-scenes staff? And what typical characteristics of “Type A” do you think would be valuable to us.

6. This is an interesting idea that we’ve been toying around with here as well for the last few weeks, and I’d like to explore it further with you guys. FRATMEN Chase used to do “Cocktail Hour” private where a group of his fans would pool together Private show purchases, and they would all get together with Chase on cam, having cocktails and good conversation. Anatasia was proposing a similar idea with “member sponsored” shows being added to the baseline shows, based on member interest and in a form proposed by the “sponsors”. Everyone could come and watch the shows and it wouldn’t take very many sponsors to raise the 1600 tokens needed to cover the marginal cost of putting each show on. It would relatively easy to incorporate functionality into the current schedule display that would allow members to pledge tokens toward the show and display the number remaining to the goal.

7. Yes, and this is another idea we have been considering.

8. We have already inplemented this. Last night the whole cast was on Chaturbate with Benji and at one point they had over 2000 viewers in the show. Wait… wasn’t that the idea behind PPV? 😉

9. No apology necessary, I know exactly how you feel. My excursion into the discussion here on my post this week was positively cathartic.

Type A personalities are the list makers, organizers, the guys that make the trains run on time. Type B’s are the ones who created such a great design for the new train. I think it takes both types to make an organization successful. To many Type A’s and there are no new ideas and things are very boring, to many Type B’s and so many great ideas and concepts are created but none ever get implemented or implemented poorly. It just seems like Pavlov has been Type B heavy throughout the years. A talented obsessive Type A personality might solve some issues. Good luck! Pulling for continued revival of the Pad.

I am more talking about behind the scenes, the orgaizational leadership, administering the organization and just making sure the daily mundane but necessary things get done. Lots of great ideas and things are created by this company (Type B folks), but in my view the day to day things that are equally important sometimes get lost. A type A employee who is a bit obsessive gets those routine things done, and if they are not done they bother the hell out of the Type B’s until they get done.

Wow… less then 10% of visitors to the site are paid members. That HAS to be incredibly alarming. That means that 90% of people who find the site(s) do not see anything worth paying for.

I would be very interested to see the breakdown of archives being watched… for example, are they of recent shows – let’s say from 2013-2014, or classic shows?

That would also be a very telling piece of information if there is any real interest in trying to fix things.

The one thing that I did not gather from any of the comments from today/yesterday or whenever is the importance of all the aspects of the site(s) working together. Sure, taken apart one area might do better then others, and an area might be a ‘loss leader’ in not making any money, but lack of money does NOT mean that area is not being used to boost the money made in another.

If that isn’t understood, then just close up now. The interdependence between them all is crucial for the overall success. The whole premise behind the entire ball of wax depends on them all working well. Otherwise, this site will be absolutely no different then any other site out there, except having a higher membership fee with a much, much lower entertainment value.

THAT amazes me more then anything… that it is not understood, or hardly mentioned, by TPTB. Members know it… and understand it… but that’s where it seems to end.

Which is why cam shows of showers and gym workouts, day in and day out, are not good for the overall growth of the company.

So if the current cast of guys just do that… then that is all new guys will do… and on, and on, and on.

Tony, I should probably talk a little more about that first set of numbers that I posted, where you are referring to the 10% membership number. The top group refers to the total traffic for the site and it would be typical to have a significantly larger percentage of total traffic just browsing. With even good bounce rates (the percentage of traffic that visits only one page and then exits) being about a third of all traffic, and conversion rates (the percentage of traffic that completes a transaction or sale) in the low single digits, it takes a large volume of browsers to keep the membership areas filled, and the ratio between paid subscribers and surfers who are just visiting is typically not followed. The number I do find troubling, however, is the non-paid logins (like the viewers of FREE chat and cams) being nearly double that of paid subscriber logins, and while that segment was one of the targets we had in mind when we originally designed the portal and started offering free content, that segment seems to me to be pretty low-hanging fruit when it comes to raising additional revenue from subscriptions.

The second group of numbers is what I originally planned to present to make my point about the FRATPAD LIVE! content, in that only a small percentage of PAID traffic (11.67%) is watching the LIVE! shows, with the vast majority either consuming non-FRATPAD content or viewing FRATPAD content on-demand. This does lead to your next question about the relationship between creating new LIVE! content and archive consumption, and I’ve compiled some additional data from the same week to help us answer that.

There are presently 13,388 FRATMEN LIVE! shows by a total of about 120 performers in the archive and during that same week ended March 22nd, 5,837 shows were viewed by at least one subscriber. It should be noted that during that week, about half of the archive had not been restored yet, so that 5,837 may indeed be nearly all of the files that were available at the time. The shows performed by the current cast (and during that particular week) did indeed cluster at the top of the total number of views list with 183 individual shows (3%) accounting for 5,859 unique views (36%). I’ve included a link to the spreadsheet containing the raw Google Analytics data and a performer ranking by total number of views below:

FRATPAD Archive Plays – week ended March 22, 2014

There is no doubt that continuing FRATPAD LIVE! shows will have a synergistic effect on sales for the other sites in the network, and that the efforts we have had in development to cross- and up-sell the content between sites will multiple that effect. The problem, as I see it, is that these data (as well the data from the weeks where we have been running a minimum schedule) tend to support a conclusion that the revenue lost by even a complete cessation of the LIVE! shows would be no where near as large as the savings brought about by stopping them. The trick is to identify programs that are both palatable (even beneficial) to the customers, and allow the company to add additional shows while covering their marginal costs.

Hello John, your conclusion is similar to NBC’s decision a few years ago to move Jay Leno and his lower-cost talk show to Primetime for the savings over scripted shows. NBC knew the hour would lose viewership and advertising dollars but at a lower loss than the cost savings over scripted episodes. NBC reversed course very quickly as ratings kept dropping. As you say, the cam shows have a synergistic effect on your other sites. You and the cast and staff can be proud of producing varied live shows instead of just pre-recorded product – or a skimpy one hour cam show a day – like other companies do. The interaction, friendship and concern that many Pad customers have for the Live Cast give the Fratmen good feedback and extra income for their work and give the company more revenue streams: Memberships, Privates, Tips, and now, finally, Archive Downloads, to name a few. The LIVE shows might be costly up front, but they surely make money from the 11.67% logged-in chatters and the 88.32% who just watch the product that the LIVE Cast and Staff create.

Now that the guys live at the Pad, please bring back the groceries! I’ve bought 50 archives, and the refrigerators were so full back then. Twenty-something year-old males have gotta eat, and eat healthy food, to do good, creative performances!

“tend to support a conclusion that the revenue lost by even a complete cessation of the LIVE! shows would be no where near as large as the savings brought about by stopping them” –

So that begs the question, and the answer to which will actually say a lot about things – Why continue with the live shows?

I had a whole reply typed out… but I think the bottom line is – how you would answer that question?

Rally, your analogy about NBC’s decision to move Jay Leno to 10 pm is a great one, and after going through that tedious exercise of analyzing the LIVE! show and FRATPAD Archive consumption, I’m more convinced than ever that stopping the LIVE! shows or even not trying to increase their frequency should only be invoked as a last resort. While I don’t agree it’s as high as your 88% number, even it you attribute as much as half of the FRATPAD Archive watching to recent shows of current cast members, the LIVE! shows account for over a third of all paid subscriber consumption across all of the sites. This is a number that was surprising to me, and one that I am keenly interested in trying to avoid losing.

But the reality of the situation TonyG, is that while I could continue to make an extremely good living by minimizing the entire operation and sucking on the tit of existing content for another decade or so, that wouldn’t be a very good “growth strategy”. Besides, I really don’t want to shut the thing down. 😉

Guess Schmit isn’t returning since his picture (along with Trent’s) is now gone. Awesome job communicating that to the members pad management. Oh wait…I forgot…you don’t feel a need to tell us anything.

Hey Andy, both those issues were addressed last night during my 7pm PT show at the Pad. That time slot is the period we have designated to address the membership regarding performers at the Pad each week. The video is now available for you to watch in the archives. -Zane

Zane, with all due respect – Really? So instead of providing an answer, you direct someone to the archive, which is all well and good if you are a member… otherwise you are left in the dark to information?

That is not the type of communication members are looking for. A once-a-week show.

THIS is why people look to other websites to find out information.

Yes, We have an hour each week where our supporters can ask anything regarding the current cast and the state of the company. I answer everything that I have all the information for and if I don’t have the answer this week, I will try to get it together for the following week. When it comes to our performers at the Pad, we are like a family here. It would be disrespectful if we posted information regarding changes in the state of their employment before we had all of the information. It’s always hard on us when we have to let one of our models go because we have built a strong bond with them during their stay here- which can be years in some cases. We take the time that we feel is necessary to make sure that the information is complete, credible, and delivered in a respectful way. I apologize if you feel that is not an acceptable policy. -Zane

I still have to disagree Zane. Many days go by without any updated greeting on the first page after logging in. It wouldn’t be difficult to simply say, for example, Schmit is no longer with the pad. We enjoyed having him here and wish him the best. It’s a simple communication to the members. No details are needed and, honestly, as an employer you really shouldn’t be providing details unless the now former employee consents. If people want to ask questions they can then tune into your weekly show. I’m not following why a statement like that would be disrespectful to the performers if they have, indeed, left the pad. Once that has been confirmed then it becomes disrespectful to your paying members to not relay that simple piece of information so they are not left in the dark about their favorite performers. But, yes, you’re entitled to the way you wish to handle things and we. as paying members, can decide whether we deem that acceptable or not.

I agree with Andy. I’m not saying members, or non-members, need to be given all the information on what’s going on with… well, anyone, at the company.

But let’s say someone decides to leave the pad, or is fired, on Thursday and is removed from the schedule. No one is told anything, except for hearing information 2nd hand, for 6 days when you have your next show.

Granted, the schedule is very…. sparse… currently. So not seeing a model on the schedule might not raise any questions atm.

But still.. to go 6 days without any official word with regarding whatever it might be…. THAT is why people will search out the answers on other sites.

It’s being implied that suggestions from others are welcome to try and fix the current problems.

Well, this is a suggestion to an ongoing issue…. lack of communication. The fact that you state this is ‘policy’ seems to indicate it is NOT something that needs to improve.

Which makes me question whether or not anything will actually change.

Trust me, Tony and Andy, I understand your frustration and hear you loud and clear. My issue with jumping the gun to put out information is to make sure that the information that is delivered is clear, credible, and as complete as possible. Take Schmit for example, after his expected date of return passed and I had not heard from him, I tried to reach him but was unsuccessful. The only information that was available was that he was unavailable so I didn’t put him on the schedule. I had nothing really to announce at the time because I didn’t have any real information. It wasn’t until over a week later I finally was informed that he had taken a new job in California. So sometimes, the information just isn’t readily available- even to us. I understand how special the Pad is to our members and that the members cherish the relationship that they build with the guys and I understand that it is frustrating when they seem to just disappear on you. I will work with the team here on coming up with a quicker way to deliver relevant information as it is available. Again, my apologies. -Zane

please , Zane for instance, can you make just a little summary of all is before. Evil wrote so long, that need months for me to translate, lol

Zane.. I actually finally agree with your last post. When Kippers was booted… I was too angry for words and very frustrated. Yes, I loved watching all the frats, but in reality, those frats do tend to have favorites, we’re not the only one on a boat that picks and choose. I adore and love Maddy- he’s very smart and too sexy- and that ass-WOW. Trent was my inspiration to work out. He had it going on- Jace was the heart of the pad and Lance, all-around “get it done” kind of guy- But Kippers- 🙁 … he was my true connection @ the pad. I connected with him on just about anything he threw out. I 100% loved his shows. So hearing the words OUT WITH KIP was very sad for me to read. I say all that to say this Zane: Thank you for understanding that (YES) WE members do connect with frats on another level and not just sex. — ( Madddddddddddy – i still love your sexy ass, my lovable Biaoottcchhh of the pad.) keep it real !!!

Your right Evil… Bend over Biaoottch ! lol

This is truly one of the best, most informative blogs outlining the details and putting all the speculation to rest I’ve seen since joining. Evil, thanks for starting the discussion. HMJ, thanks for opening up and clarifying what sensible people seemed to understand all along confirming the number of members in chat have never been a fair indicator of how profitable the business enterprise truly is.

And thanks to all my fellow members for your interesting questions and perspectives. I’ve really enjoyed reading this.

FPF (FratPad Forever)…now we need a theme song. LOL

Thanks Dicker, I’m pretty excited about the direction it’s all been taking too. And we all owe Ev1l a big debt of gratitude for the change in direction. He might not see it this way or agree, but those “evil” forces of his have been like a good, swift kick in the ass. 😉

OK Mr. smarty pants, you always think you’re one step ahead of me… lol

It is my intention to eventually offer ALL of the options for purchase, including privates/tips, FRATPAD and FRATMEN LIVE! archive downloads, as well as individual feature content from all FRATMEN sites to both members (customers who have only given us an email address) and subscribers (customers who have a paid membership to any of the sites). It appears that our progress on this project is accelerating. 😉

And I must say Evil, it’s good to hear people suggesting many of the features we’ve been struggling to implement over the last year… as well as all the little tweaks that are being suggested to improve them. My work life is starting to get fun again.

… and that “one foot in front of the other” thing is your best advice so far.

As a fairly new member (maybe 3 weeks at this posting), it’s been interesting to watch the archives and read the blogs/posts here on the site. I think Fratmen Zane does an awesome job along with Anastasia….I have felt a bond with several Fratmen (partial to one which is probably no secret who) and thoroughly enjoy coming to the site. It’s interesting to watch the archives (past and present) and see the changes that have been and continue to take place at the Pad. I just found ‘Evil’s’ post tonight and, must say, and agree he has some very valid points and broke them down and revealed a few thing I did not know as a ‘newbie’. I totally agree that F4F is a distraction and , in my opinion, pointless to supplement Fratmen’s income. I do not plan on doing much on F4F now or in the future. As for the Fratmen having to buy their own food….I’d rather see them be treated with dignity, have their basic needs met at the Pad and perhaps have (as one member commented) some type of fund for college tuition for those Fratmen that wish to pursue a career beyond modeling now or in the future. I have heard several Fratmen mention that they would love the opportunity to attend college to pursue a degree or just take some classes to better themselves. If I were a rich man…LOL….I would genuinely assist in starting such a program for the Pad with the help of Administration. The last comment was left by HostMasterJohn back in May – it is now almost December…so perhaps what I have to say is not relevant anymore, but I still wanted to applaud “Evil” and express my enjoyment, so far, with the FratPad and Fratmen Website. I plan to remain a member for awhile….and as “Evil” expressed in his post…I am also available and more than willing to help behind the scenes..(I’m not bragging, but, I’m sure like Evil, I have an advanced education in the form of an MA degree) and have been seriously thinking about relocating and retiring out West in the Phoenix area. Just a thought…..(and no, I’m not looking for sex on the side! LOL) In closing, I’d just like to thank Zane and Anastasia for the work they do (most of which I’m sure we Never see as members) and their commitment to listening to the members and continuously working to make the Website better! I also commend you, HostMasterJohn, as Founder for being willing to be open too constructive criticism and take responsibility for your part and continue to work with the other Administrators to get the FratPad site back to where it was (or better yet, to enhance and continue to raise the bar of excellence in Web Entertainment)…I wish All involved nothing but the Best and I look forward to continue seeing positive changes as a member into 2015 and beyond…….Much Love and Friendship to All the guys (and gals/members and models and Admin) I’ve become good friends with in a very brief period of time! All my Best, TampaBear(Todd) 🙂

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