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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit… i see a sexy ALAN !!!!!

I wonder if the Pad 0ffice needs their wood floor “polished” by Kelan? LOL He did an excellent job when he was at the Pad the last time. Seemed to me he worked on that floor at least once each day. IMPRESSIVE ! !

Kelan in all his incarnations is still the absolute best thing about the whole Frat Empire that ever happened. I miss him like crazy.

i guess leos sabotage didn’t work

Can we PLEASE have Jaden, Jackson, and Liam….my three favorites from the past. Those listed are fine, but I need to get up to date on my archives.

Skylar please and Dustin, and Collin, and Landon, thanks

Please add more soon, I really want to see Skylar and Collin, Thanks

I hope you are still adding the early Live! shows to your archives. I earnestly request you restore the hour shows with Fratman Craig. He had the most entertaining personality of the early shows. Also, somewhere could you also restore the Hawaiian JO contest with Landon, Sam and Tyler? Thank you.

Please tell me you haven’t stopped updating these? I’ve been asking(begging) for these for a long time. Please start getting more of them up, I really miss them and would love to see them back on. ~Thanks

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