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HMJ to Address Fratpad Status Tonight

After a week-and-a-half of the Fratpad Live shows going dark, Hostmaster John will take center stage this evening to address the situation. While we’re not quite ready to flip the switch back on- progress is being made. Up for discussion tonight; what happened, what the current situation is, and where the Fratpad is going. Don’t miss HMJ’s show this evening at 6pm PST.

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Hopefully I’ll be able to get in chat and listen/talk with everybody during this, as I am a free member. I’ve been quite concerned and hope everything’s okay 🙁

I would LOVE to be there, at 6pm, but for some reason still not explained to me, I was banned from the site last Saturday. No replies to email. No reply to an email sent to the Founders Council g-mail account.

The “Founders Council” was “dissolved” via email from HMJ on April 4, with no reason given and the notice that all council members who had been given a free account would loose access on the last day of April. I had a free account and thus expected to get the boot on the 30th, not the 12th. Must have been something I said in chat.

I certainly hope that somebody with the talent is able to record this event tonight, just in case the “facts” are changed later.

John stated the management was away taking a much deserved break in California. I am confident that when they return you will have your email answered.

I am hoping to catch this show, however I am not sure if I am able to. Having signed up for a free account which promised to grant me access to FratPad chat and cams, I have yet been unable to access either, although I am thinking that maybe this is just because the chatroom and cams have not been running. All I have so far been able to do is view the FratHouse cams. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate that.

Wow – yet another delay. No answers to long time members. A very sad state of affairs.

The incident that led to Pad closure was clarified, but nothing about the Pad future, nor explanation of why the cameras need to be dark for the guys still in the cast after a week and a half, I hoped some decisions would have been made.

what was the incident donnyboy can you explain I missed the hmj video

Rooney , the archive should be posted, but the incident, which was described as the last straw, was 4 Fratmen entering Johns apartment without permission and leaving with some of his property. This led to an intense retrieval situation, with threats of violence. The details are in the archive.

I am deeply disappointed in what took place yesterday evening. Most members already knew that four cast members had taken part in an inexcusable invasion of private space. Disciplinary action was taken and rightly so. The four involved were terminated – that is management’s right, and I cannot and will not argue that they change that decision.

What we wanted to know last night was – what next? That question was not addressed in any meaningful way that would allow us, the members, to feel we see the light at the end of this tunnel.

I signed up for a chat site. I have been denied chatting with the remaining cast members for 11 days now, over one third of a membership month. I have had no explanation of why the remaining cast may not continue to conduct shows as before. Sure the timetable would have to be reduced, but even if each cast member was allowed to do 3 hours on five days a week as they did before, we members would be getting something for our subscription. Instead we are told that they have plans, but we are not invited to hear or comment upon those plans – plans that will be put into place with our membership subscriptions.

Most members do not go into chat we are told – they watch archives, Well there has been no new archive material for 12 days, just old archive material that we used to have until the “new” site went live and we lost it. Now we have it back and that’s meant to cheer us up for having no interaction with the cast for 11 days and counting. No indication of when the cam shows would be back, and even a suggestion they never would be.

If I want to watch shows there are a million sites out there. The pad was different because I could chat to the cast and have a laugh with them and care about them. Now all that is gone and management make no suggestion that it will ever return.

How sad. And I like so many others are paying not to be entertained and not to be able to chat. I think the time has come to say farewell. I don’t mind hanging on in there when something goes wrong – but there is a limit and I think I have reached it.

In Aug. 2013- I joined the fratmen website because i found someone i truly enjoyed seeing and communicating with: NICO. Nico was my very first frat i fell in love with.. I just didn’t realize that as days went on- I discovered PORTER, TERRY, MADDOX, VINCENT, JACE, TRENT, LANCE, WALLY, PAYTON, DOLPH, BO, GAGE, LUCA, ADOMAS, KIP, SCHMITTY, PARIS, and BENJI. (Benji was unique- as i was introduced to him in a kitchen when he was bringing in groceries with Lance on midnight night.) I fell in LOVE with this new discovery of the web called FRATMEN. Not only was i trying to race home after many working days to see who’s on, but i found the admins. were just as sexy as ever too: ALAN – OMG… i can’t even say how i wish i was around when he was on cam… ZANE is kinda different in my boat.. he’s like this shy guy -yet adorable that you just gotta want to hug forever. When my Kipppppppppppers got released from the pad- my world about the FRATMEN site fell apart. I was bitter but yet forgiving at times, as i did love seeing other frats in that pad. I do understand changes do happen- this was proven many times in FRATMEN History, So i plea to HMJ, reopen the live cams to us members as many of us just don’t find this a place of sex, but a place we can come- laugh, goof off, talk, and joke around with our favorite guys in cyberspace. Thanks Fratmen for reading this message. — Thumper

Does anyone know who the 4 fratmen that were involved in the invasion of privacy are? I hope that Luca isn’t one of them; he’s the reason I patronise the fratpad at all!

no Sammy, Luca is not one of them.

Sammy, no Luca was a complete innocent. I don’t wish to name the 4, but it’s in John’s archive from his show last night. But Lance, Wally, Benji, Schmit, Luca, Rico and Trent are still Fratmen.

7 Fratmen, but no shows being delivered, and as stated above, with no explanation last night.

Chat is a ghost town. It’s a very sad time.

…AND I hope it wasn’t Paris. He’s the reason I found Fratmen and although I like the other guys, he’s the only one I follow. I know he was going to leave any ways. Does anyone know his status? Thanks.

The 4 who were guilty of the break in according to HMJ were Vincent, Paris, Maddox and Terry. All were terminated as employees. With Vincent and Paris the “ringleaders” I understand and agree with what HMJ did, you can’t have thieves or even those who were involved in any way, as part of the frat pad. However there still are 7 left so its not like a schedule couldn’t be done if that is what HMJ wanted. But sadly my friends it has become obvious that the pad is no longer what he wants. The house no longer is full of activity and the chat room is empty. I think its time for us to now use this chatroom to say our final goodbyes. Its sad but we are all going to have to move on. I don’t know why this had to happen. The pad has had issue in the past and it moved past them, not sure why this time HMJ just doesn’t seem to have the desire. He was right this really is the end of an era for us all.

Anon It is my understanding he is one of the 4 that are gone.

I agree completely 2131pete !

Thanks Toil and Donnyboy for your feedback.

Thumper & Pete thanks for your right-on comments above!

Now the main page of the Pad has an update from HMJ (Apr 17)
(see also here on the Daily:)

….Maybe Zane’s more positive chat after HMJ’s show was correct? —

Certainly Zane’s & Anastasia’s work around the house this week didn’t seem like a real estate showing was gpnna happen tomorrow!

Hopefully HMJ rebounds from his gloominess! But If HMJ in the end can’t continue Fratpad–if facing work here each day has lost its zest & he is tired–Surely someone can be found who is ready to re-enliven & re-invest in this dream! Herding Fratmen is harder than herdiing cats but….!

The cast here could get thin sometimes & sometimes they did boring ‘how to eat’ or gym shows instead of creative Buddy shows (purposely aimed against the 10pm competition across the street!). But even when folk complained of late (I admit I did!) I could still say I figured I could find say at least 2 hours a day I thought I might enjoy! And that Justified the 2/3 of a dollar a day the Pad costs me ($20 a month after the 1st 4 at $100).

[Alas it seems as if after all else failed (All Access etc) F4F was brought in to float the costs of the Pad: Allegedly $20 subs don’t pay enuf.]

I did join the sites ‘across the street’ last week due toall of this but they aren’t Fratpad! I’m just bored by solos or chance cam sightings (Hey: The ‘new’ Pad better not be just kitchen cams etc!)

I want interaction with guys I have some ongoing context with (but sexualized up a bit more like the Pad back in 2009-11 etc!). Of late guys like Lance’d always draw a in a Fratmen who wanted to play with him. Schmit & Kip were doing some awesome shows–in series no less! & Trent often paired well with Maddox!. Yes even Zane & Benjy!

Here’s hoping!

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