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The Fratpad Shuffle: Maddox In, Kippers Out


As the ever-revolving door that is the Fratpad cast continues to spin, this week brings us the return of a very popular Fratmen and the unexpected departure of another. It was just a few weeks ago that we said a tearful goodbye to Fratmen Maddox and members were ecstatic to see that today marks his official return to the cast. What was initially intended to be a long break from the Fratpad turned into just a short break after-all and Maddox fans everywhere can now rejoice!

Of course, with the surprise addition of Maddox today, we also learned that one of our current cast members would be leaving immediately. Fratmen Kip has been a staple of the Fratpad on and off since his debut and has logged hundreds of hours in the Fratpad archives. We were especially caught off guard when we found out that in a fit of rage last night, Kippers knocked over some patio furniture and pushed the sunbed into the pool… it left us all scratching our heads wondering “why.” We were hoping that this morning cooler heads could prevail and we could work on a good resolution but unfortunately, the outcome was a mutual agreement that we would no longer have Fratmen Kip as a part of the Fratpad cast. These decisions are never easy and they are never fun, especially when it’s someone that we love having around the house. We will miss seeing the real-life best friends on cam with half of the Kip & Schmit duo missing from the equation. We wish Kippers nothing but the best and for the time being, Fratmen Schmit has no intentions of leaving the Fratpad cast.


With the sunbed rusting and turning the pool green as it sat there overnight, we had to regroup today and fish it out. Fratgirl Minnie was there with her camera as the cast and crew all pitched in to lift it out.

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Photos by Minnie

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I ever think, that, under entertainment of a site like this, it could arrives a lot of problems between young guys. The job is not so easy and you have to see only what they show. But we guess that they could meet some difficulties (who have not to know, they have right to privacy).
As ever, if I have to judge, I take care of all Kip, not last day only.

I feel only happy we don’t meet more problem like that with so much testosterone around..

Leave me to tell an affectionate good bye to Kip, really.

(so better to hurt material things than people, and I hear that the bed was never cleaned for years, lol)

sorry to hear that kip is gone…btw where the hell is terry and why isnt he on fratpad shows?????

This isn’t entertainment…….I think its time for a break just like some of these models might need(?) Need new guys these guys been there for year(s). Some have even left and came back?

Heavens, what does it take to get Zane naked; are board shorts surgically attached to his waist? 😛 I bet he showers in underwear too!! Come on Zane, get in the naked fratpad spirit, you too Minnie, though… maybe just the top half… sowwie.

Aw that’s ashame; Kip has been very warm and affectionate toward the members. Personally I will miss his humor and good spirit. I wonder what triggered the “fit of rage” mentioned above. I remember an issue with a “water bottle” and one of the cast members several weeks ago. But at the time I thought that was a minor thing and forgot about it

Oh wait I just thought of something, Kip said that he wasn’t feeling well yesterday; something about his stomach and that he didn’t have the desire to eat. I felt so much empathy for him throughout the chat even though I was only ghosting at the time. Perhaps when he resolves that issue he’ll be able to come back to us.

What..Kip gone…I’m gonna miss him soo much..He seemed OK yesterday just his stomach playing up. GET KIP BACK!!!!

I must agree with Sly… Though I am glad to see Maddox back… THE PAD w/o Kip is like going to a Ice Cream store with so much to select and walking out with a plain Vanilla cone. (WTF) happened? i don’t know.. what triggered it? IDK, but all i can say is this was a major BLOW to why i loved logging in and telling others about this site. I am angry, upset, confused, and somewhat wondering why the admins. simply just said: KIPPERS will be taking a short break and not treating him like a rookie of the pad. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH.. OK..I’m just venting here. Kippers really was one of my favorites for me to type this. Answers unsolved for us members.

What a shame! Unfortunately Fratpad is once again slowly beginning to crumble. There is just about no cast and new members don’t even come anymore. Management really needs to buck up and fix this before not only will they lose more cast members, they are going to lose actually paying customers. Lets get this right already, time for some fresh new faces.

WOW!!!! I haven’t read the article yet but I got distracted by the most amazing pic of paris. GORGEOUS it kinda hit me..down there. VERY VERY AROUSING. Paris is very photogenic and dare I say. HOTTT with three ts

the pic of paris walking on the side of the pool is now my computer desktop pic. Hope i Have his permission. Kippers leaving has to be for a good reason, john knows that he’s a good person and we all have our off moments. I expect to see him back hopefully sooner then never..

I believe that management needs to come to the conclusion that a deemphasis of PPV’s importance will help the site in the long run. If that means that paying for 2 or 3 Fratmen to be on simultaneously is too costly then so be it; the Fratmen’s morale is more important and I think we members would be just fine with a single show during each hour of the day. Alas I don’t believe that management inclined to reevaluate PPV in the forseeable future but time may teach them what our words have so far failed to do.

As a member of the Fratpad, One thing that had always tickled my pickle is when members believe that they know every little detail of a situation and cry foul when something doesn’t go their way. Obviously, management knows that Kip was popular as they even mentioned in the article that they will miss having him around the house. Management just brought a popular model back and I have faith that they know what they are doing. If Kip threw a bed into the pool, it is probably a good idea to remove him from the house full of testosterone. If they didn’t remove a model when he displays outrageous behavior and someone were to get injured as a result, those same members would probably accuse management of not doing enough to prevent the incident. Bottom line, we members don’t know the whole story and have to accept that management feels like this is the right decision for right now.

I’d never admit this in a court of law, but dammit I liked Kip and am really gonna miss him. I wish him the best. 🙁 Now something I will admit in a court of law, as well as shout it from the rooftops and advertise it on huge billboards and the sides of buses :), is that Maddy is the most stunningly beautiful guy ever with the sweetest, heart-melting smile and the most amazing personality. I’m so happy he’s back!!!! 🙂

In view of this article’s title I think I’ll “shuffle” over to the 5 o’clock show today; that’s one barbecue you won’t want to miss!

Now that Kip is out, really wish Tito would be added to the Fratpad. Looking at the updated archives, wish Skylar, Dustin or Darren would return.

Tmillthy – i’ll pull one of your quotes from above.. ” that management feels like this is the right decision for right now.” ———- WE HAVEN’T HAD CAMS FOR NEARLY 2 WEEKS and US MEMBERS are out of the LOOP unto why?” I’m glad you feel they are making a good choice for us.

THe bed raiser scene was WAY HOTT!–enjoyed the buttocks of all in their strength and poses next to the colonnade.

Haven’t seen a reply to my question posted elsewhere:

With the cams off for a week, will current subscriptions be extended by 1 week?

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