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good times 🙂

Gross. Real men don’t shave below the neck. It’s beyond me why a man wants to look like a 12 year-old, or why a woman prefers it that way. What happened to the “rule” at the Pad forbidding shaving?

First Spanky… If you saw the show you would know that Benji was getting waxed for an upcoming bodybuilding competition which requires the male contestants to be completely hairless from the neck down. Second…. if you knew anything about Minnie she actually prefers Benji all natural. Third… the “RULE” at the Pad forbids models from shaving their pubic hair, and numerous Fratmen in the past have done countless shaving and waxing shows.

First Danfromca…Bodybuilding competitions “require” contestants to look unnatural and be hairless from the neck down? Is that rule written down someplace, cuz I’ve seen lots of hairy chested/legged/armed men competing. Second…you’re right, I know nothing about Minnie. Third…the “RULE” at the pad isn’t written down anyplace, so whatever you are quoting from doesn’t exist. Yes, I am very aware that in the past a few Fratmen have gone bonkers and given in to the gods of Schick and Gillette, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. When I joined as a member in 2006 (or thereabouts), members were told (but it isn’t written down) that there is a “no shave” rule. I guess we can all interpret that however we want. To me, it still looks gross.

Benji <3 I must say that was very hot watching him get waxed..nice positions also.

@ Spanky

Your right, the competitions do NOT require contestants to shave/wax their body hair. However, if getting a spray tan like I have you can NOT have body hair due to the distortion and uneven coloring. I personally prefer to have my body hair, and still have my pubic hair. I was going to shave it off camera, but I figured why not do a waxing show for members to enjoy my agony. I apologize if I offended you in any way by getting waxed on cam, I was only trying to make some fun out of something I was already going to do. Either way it’s hair… Knowing me it’ll be a jungle in 2 weeks.



Benji – I was in no way offended. Why do you need a spray tan? Thank you for keeping your pubes.

The spray tan helps define the muscles and when combined with the stage lighting it makes the muscles POP. Minnie will post some pics from the show tonight and you’ll see what I mean.


Is Benji projecting? The infliction and receiving of pain to bring pleasure is an art cultivated by a subculture across the world for time out of mind. Whether you prefer to give pain or receive pain or both, in varying degrees, one can achieve unprecedented heights during orgasm while enduring depths of suffering few would comprehend or condone. For those who have a pain fetish and a low pain threshold, mere spanking or hair pulling is enough to set them off. But for those of us with a pain fetish who can endure more than the average, a bit more creativity is called for.

“But for those of ‘us’…” – I was referring to the pain fetish community – not myself hehe…

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