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Eviction Conniption: March Madness at the Frathouse

Tempe, AZ – What do you get when you throw 9 guys into two luxury high-rise apartments and wire them up with cams and audio? Real. Life. Drama!

For the members of the FRATHOUSE and FRATMEN ALLaccess,  the two new apartments have been a pleasantly entertaining addition to the FRATPAD. It allowed them to see some of the cast of the FRATPAD in a real-life setting. The girls, the parties, and everything in between… almost nothing was off limits. From Day 1, this new space has been treated as an experiment to see what would (and could) possibly happen when some of the guys from the cast are willing to live their entire “life on cam”. It didn’t take long for this hot young group of webcam stars and the pad that they were living in to earn a reputation within the building as the go-to place for late-night entertainment. The building management has known who the guys work for all along, and they don’t object to the guys webcasting…  as long as they behave.  

But before we dive into why the guys are all back living at the FRATPAD, let’s go over some basic facts to set the record straight.

The company presently leases an entire floor in one of the towers in the complex and the floor consists of three luxury apartments (approx. 7500 sq. ft.). Maddox, Trent, Terry, and Vincent were staying in one of the units and Paris, Lance and Benji (and his real-life girlfriend Minnie) were staying in the other. The third unit serves as the production office and control center, and is off-limits to the cast. @HostmasterJohn lives and works in the penthouse of the other tower, which consists of the entire top floor of the building across the way. Those are the facts, now let’s talk about the gossip…

The company has not been evicted from any of the units in the complex. Tempe Police did respond to the apartments on three separate occasions on three separate days to address noise complaints, but they did not detain or arrest any FRATMEN or their guests. Our lease of the house that is the FRATPAD doesn’t expire until the end of this year and we have never considered vacating that house early. Our relationship with the management company for that house is very good, and we plan to consider renewing that lease for another year sometime in the Fall. At no time during our occupancy has the house been “on the market.”

The following is a breakdown of the events that led to the guys vacating the apartments and moving back into the FRATPAD:

On Thursday, March 6th, the guys threw their first party in the apartment occupied by Trent, Maddox, Terry and Vincent. A buddy of theirs brought some DJ gear, they set up Trent’s black light and laser show (think disco ball if you over 50) and the guys were VERY excited to get their first party started. From about 10:30 p.m. until around11:30 p.m.,  somewhere between 80 and 100 guests (about two thirds of them pretty girls) showed up to party with “the webcam guys” on the 24th floor. One of the neighbors, presumably from a unit below the party, called the cops to complain about the noise and they showed up around 11:30 p.m. to break up the party. HostmasterJohn (who did not attend the party) came over from the other tower to speak with the building security and the police and the police issued a “Police Service Charge” citation for “Nuisance Party (loud party)” to the performer who portrays FRATMEN Trent ($500). There were no reports of under-age drinking and the Tempe Police observed the orderly departure of 88 guests. The Tempe city ordinance allows a maximum of 27 guests at one time in a private residence making the maximum legal occupancy of all 3 units to be 81. The Tempe Building Safety Department reports that the maximum safe occupancy of a floor of that size in a sprinkler-equipped high-rise with two 38-inch wide stairwells to be 240 people.

That following Saturday, March 8th, the guys had about 10 people over to celebrate Wally’s birthday. Wally had invited a girl he had hooked up with in Hawaii a few weeks before and she brought along some of her girlfriends. There were no noise complaints that evening and neither building security or Tempe Police came to the apartments.

The next night, Sunday, March 9th, Trent, Paris, Maddox, Vincent and Lance had 6 or 7 girls over for some drinking and beer pong. Around 3 a.m, the cops showed up and issued a second “Nuisance Party (loud party)” citation, again to the performer who portrays FRATMEN Trent ($1,000). The following morning, HostmasterJohn and Shawn (the new FRATPAD/FRATHOUSE General Manager) met with the building’s General and Assistant Managers who indicated that they had issued a “NOTICE OF LEASE VIOLATION”, which is normally the last step before eviction proceedings. They all decided that the most appropriate action would be to restrict guest access to the apartments until the Brothers meeting on that coming Friday and the guys were told that no non-employees were allowed on the floor until all the Brothers could meet with Shawn.

But that Thursday, March 14th, Paris and Terry brought up several girls (8 people total) to Benji’s room next door (who was in New York City with Minnie at the time). The boys reported that all the guests left by 3 a.m. and that at some point, Lance and Wally came back to the apartment and remained there. Building management reported the next morning that building security had come to the apartment around 4 a.m. to respond to a resident noise complaint and, getting no response to knocks on the door, called the police. Lance placed two calls to HostmasterJohn, one at 4:11 a.m. and one at 4:12 a.m. (who was on HST at the time), but could not recall later why he had placed the calls or what had transpired at the apartments. The cops arrived at 4:20 a.m. to “shut down a party with loud music”, and finding no such party, left without issuing a citation. 

At that point, HostmasterJohn decided that the only prudent action was to pull the plug on the FRATHOUSE experiment with the guys in the apartments and directed Shawn to tell them to pack up their stuff and return to the FRATPAD house. As of now, the two apartments are empty and we are going to spend a few weeks thinking about the best way to proceed. 

We hope this clears up some of the rumors and addresses some of the irresponsible and shockingly inaccurate “reporting” that has been bouncing around. We’ll keep you posted on future developments, but in the meantime, you should stop by the FRATPAD and join in the antics going on there. It’s a full house now and you never know what might happen. You might even get one of the guys to tell their side of the story.

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I really appreciate this post, I did not understand anything, I hope it does not stay in one experiment, the days that I have followed the parties in apt have been amazing, please keep it up please.

Thank you for telling us what really happened! I like the fact that they are all back to the pad 😉

Interesting, so since the company hasn’t been evicted from any of the apartments why not ask the 7 Fratmen and Minnie if 4 of them would like to move back into 2 of the apartments? That would relieve congestion in the bedrooms at the Pad and continue on with the experiment in a more controlled way. This could be done in consultation with management at the Tower by assuring them that these people would be careful not to have large parties in the future.

Thanks so much for this detailed explanation! It’s wonderful to see some transparency, which has been sorely needed.

“some of the guys from the cast are willing to live their entire “life on cam”. ” – Wasn’t that what the Pad was about to begin with? Not sure what the ‘experiment’ was exactly……

it’s great seeing the frats all together again.. but i know maddy did express how he felt about living away from the FratPad and i understand his reasons. thus- it’s kinda a bummer for him. (Sorry maddy) I hope you get to go back to the Penthouse soon.

thank you so much for explaining things…don’t know what or who you can believe these days…i did enjoy the late night entertainment on the penthouse cams. thank you so much for this….

Thanks for the explanation. I hope you’ll move the cams to the house as it’s NO FUN to watch empty rooms.

Every bit of this was predicted and expected! Unfortunately…

I give kudos to HMJ for trying something new, and trusting the fratmen to engage in responsible behavior.

I hope That “The Brothers” are able to figure out a policy that would make the Apartments (Penthouse) still usable. From A members view ,the idea of being included in on their “Parties” is very appealing (visually). That said ,20 to 25 year old men tend to make bad decisions at times and adding alcohol ,girls and a beautiful apartment and HMJ is screwed. Good Luck !

2 things: 1.It’s nice to be back. The pad is still as fun as I remembered it! 2. The Pad house being empty hurts the shows ,in other words ,the apartments can’t take away from the Pad ,they need to add to it.

This explains why there are no people in the frathouse cams. It makes that subscription rather empty. Is it going to change in the daytime?

I am glad the boys are back in town. The pad didn’t seem the same with everyone in other places.

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