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The headline pic just shows Lance ‘n Wally,

Open the post up & there’s no Vinny in that pic.

Wondering how to read this.

Sorry the headline shows all 3 including Vince.

Open up & no Vince,

I thought I was crazy

Glad to see Lance, Wally and Vincent coming back to the Pad; Hawaii was a nice break for them but I’m looking forward to seeing them do their shows near the Pad’s pool and patio area; there’s lots more room for them to spread out back there which in many ways is better. I’m happy to see Lance back on the schedule for next week but not so happy to see Vincent off for a second week in a row. Many of us have never been a fan of using PPV as the sole determining factor of who gets to do cam shows at the Pad but that’s the way it is so we’ll just have to adjust.

Pad has still not listening to members and still losing members because of PPV SAD Husker but glad to see FM moving into the main pad house. Husker hard to get new blood to pad when FM are force to be on F4F SITE ALSO

I believe the membership made it extremely clear that we do not agree with mandatory suspensions for guys that do not make the F4F quota requirement. Rewarding the high achievers rather then punishing those that fall below the “hour requirement” should be the aim for the fratpad administration going forward.
I also do not want to be punished by having the fratmen of my choice suspended from work for any length of time. Period.
Please see the posting for December 26: Fratpad Members Getting Fully-Engaged in 2014 Points System Conversation for reference.

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