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Luca Falls HARD!

Fratmen Luca learned the HARD way that running on a wet, lubed-up tarp is not a great idea! During this week’s Fratpad Friday, a paint fight broke out and Luca was a man on a mission! Unfortunately for Luca, the slippery floor had a mission of it’s own! Luckily, Fratgirl Minnie was on hand with her new camera to capture the action frame-by-frame! To see the video of the spill, check out the archive and get ready at the 33 minute mark!


luca 1-3

luca 4-6

luca 7-9

luca 10-12

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Did we need to have a publicity post about a cast member’s fall? I hope Luca did not have a lasting injury from hitting that floor.

Great photography Minnie !!! Hope you are OK Luca !!

all in good fun everybody 🙂

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