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Paris Returns on Monday; Luca makes His Debut Same Day

Monday is going to be a crazy day of movement here at the Fratpad. As we send off two of our current cast members, Fratmen Gage and Fratmen Bo, Fratmen Paris will return from his vacation and Fratmen Luca will join the cast of the Fratpad! We’re going to need lots of coffee this Monday!

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So sorry to see the most recent FM leaving, Luca a plus for sure an Italian I just hope they made it clear the things he must do to stay at Pad. Variety of FM is the best thing not so much anymore. I hope they did not send Gage and Bo home because they will not do duos or into going further in doing gay stuff. Keeping FM that have been on cam for over year or more does nothing for me or keep bringing back alums. Pad needs a bunch of new FM to get new members, This is not personal all these current FM have been great but it is time for them to move on, I feel bad for them I think moving to the real world will be that much harder. How many have gone to the real world and then come back. I wish them all the best, hope they don’t have any regrets once they leave. LOL Husker

Husker, calm down please. All these tweets, comments on every post is a bit much. Your comment above is pretty rediculous and makes no sense. You yourself just said that you think the FM should move on and get back to the real world and shouldn’t stay for too long & The fact that you assume they are leaving because of something so outrageous as them being forced to do duos or that they aren’t gay enough is dramatic. If you watched either one of Bo or Gage’s shows you would have all your questions answered. Until then…

amazing guy, so natural, fabulous body, & the most beautiful color & shape of eyes i’ve ever seen…

Thank you Dan!

I for one love the entertainment these frats dish out.

thumper! i love you:))

I spoke to soon, not the first time or the last time I am sure, sorry that I let it get the better of me, I wish Bo and Gage the best, sorry to the members and management that I upset. You are probably use to me putting my foot in my mouth but let rumors cloud my judgement on this. I love the Pad and I am a very emotional Italian what I can I say. I wish the current FM and members the best. Husker

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