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Zane here, welcome to the new & improved Official Blog of all things Fratmen.


We hope you like some of the changes we’ve been making around here and we have many more to come! Start your day off right with a dose of Fratmen, daily!

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Yo yo!

Hey Alan. I wannabee the first to comment.
Do I get a prize?

Hard to keep up with you.

Lovely shots of Aiden for example. did you take them, Alan?

Zane, Hi to you too.
Caught you on Livestream already. Does that continue?

Yes, I will be doing more live stuff as I get caught up with my work 😉

I really think you shoud give a reward to the first one to comment.
Oh …
that would be me!

Zane, even if you don’t do cam shows, is it allowed to say you have a lot of boyish charm?

Zane, do you think you can continue to contribute to The Daily Fratmen daily? You’re obviously a workaholic but I think you’re seriously overloading your plate. If you can do it, I heartily applaud you!

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